Kate Middleton Suffering From Acute Morning Sickness Again

As with her first pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge is being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.
2:49 | 09/08/14

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Suffering From Acute Morning Sickness Again
book. A criminal's worst enemy, Amy robach. More on the breaking royal news. Dr. Generjen Ashton is here to talk with us. And Victoria Murphy son the phone traveling with William. What do we know? Good morning. Very exciting news today. The news that we have been waiting for and hoping for for some weeks now. I'm in oxford this morning, where William and Kate were both due to be to open a new oxford university building. However, Kate had to pull out of the event's the last minute. William will be here on his own. She's pulled out because she's suffering from severe morning sickness. The same as she had when she was pregnant can George. She's very ill and very sad she's not able to be here today. She's not even 12 week pregnant yet. How far along do we believe she is? When do you think they would have announced this had she been age to go to oxford this morning? She's less than 12 weeks pregnant. We understand she's about the same stage she was hen her egg from preg Nancy with George was announ announced. Around six to eight weeks. They're very cautiously excited. It's not something they wanted to do. I mean, they had to announce it because she was due to attend today and she couldn't be here. And they knew there would be huge questions asked. Speculation about why she wasn't here. From their point of view, it was easier to get the information out there in the same time as they did last time. However, if they had had it their way, if they had been able to wait until the 12-week mark, we probably wouldn't hear about this until five, six weeks to go. Thank you, Victoria. Let's talk to Jen Ashton. Explain this hyperemsis gravida. It's like morning sickness like a hurricane is a little bit of rain. It's off the end of the spectrum. I want us to be medically accurate here. Women know this is not you're a little queasy. You shut everything down. Typically, this resolves by about mid pregnancy. In some severe case, it can last the entire nine months. As yogi would say, deja Vu all over again. Is it more difficult the ted time around? In obstetrics, your past history is very important. We say everything pregnancy is different. Ob history tends to get worse and worse with every pregnancy. Ali's was much worse the second time around. It was less scary because she knew what was coming. You'll answer questions on Twitter as well.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"As with her first pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge is being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25343903","title":"Kate Middleton Suffering From Acute Morning Sickness Again","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-kate-middleton-suffering-acute-morning-sickness-25343903"}