Kate Middleton's 'Mummy Tummy' Helps Normalize Pregnancy

Some say Duchess of Cambridge's embrace of her post-pregnancy body helps inspire women.
2:35 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's 'Mummy Tummy' Helps Normalize Pregnancy
-- just -- inspired women to embrace their so called. Mommy's tummy -- -- -- -- Higgins here with its technical ceremony tonight can booming diet. -- any new mother knows of one of the most challenging parts of the pregnancy comes after the baby is born the so called fourth trimester the baby is out but the wait is still line. That's why -- are now calling Kate's post baby debut proudly showing off her royal bump. A refreshing change. She's -- Feature of post pregnancy and affection I think what Kate had Jon turned him on is really given that a tremendous gift. The judges glowing as she debuted her little -- outside Saint Mary's hospital earlier this week. Moms around the world noticed that most baby bump she proudly showed off. Neither the -- she was holding her hands her cradling her -- really framing at I think that was shocking for some people to -- But it was wonderful for people to see because that's really what moms look like after they've given our everything from this -- -- Kate's dress to the way she carried herself showed that confidence. A modern approach very different from Diana's famous green new new. Many new moms feel a lot of pressure to lose the weight fast. Partly fueled by a tabloid culture that puts every Hollywood -- body under a microscope after he -- -- baby. I think the pressure is to immediately bounced back after giving birth are. Out of control today after you deliver it takes awhile for that muscle to contract and that process. Takes a couple of weeks. We ventured out with my little guy -- to find out what -- really hate this hate mommy tell me. Yeah. I think it's very. Very willingness even that -- Heidi I thought. The judges sparking a new trend to embrace your body after birth and to focus on the baby and dump the -- that's really where -- time she's these events not worrying about how you look. And not succumbing to that pressure to be so perfect. -- can't even might take nine months to have a baby rightly -- pregnant so most of listening to take about nine months ten months and lose that way Eagleton when he can't just too much weight to send because you have to feed the baby nurse the baby as well. As long as you need absolutely. -- -- -- -- Do you think hey look great. We can -- And isn't better than anything.

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{"id":19780975,"title":"Kate Middleton's 'Mummy Tummy' Helps Normalize Pregnancy","duration":"2:35","description":"Some say Duchess of Cambridge's embrace of her post-pregnancy body helps inspire women.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-kate-middletons-mummy-tummy-helps-normalize-19780975","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}