Another Royal Baby On The Way For Prince William and Wife Kate

As with her first child, Kate Middleton is suffering from a severe form of morning sickness.
5:33 | 09/09/14

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Transcript for Another Royal Baby On The Way For Prince William and Wife Kate
Feels like just yesterday proud parents will and -- Presenting the baby George to the world. That was a little more than a year ago now they're ready for more. Today the royal couple announcing baby number two is on the way. Who makes the thrills. It's great news -- the -- of Kate's pregnancy broke the -- early for the royal couple and here's why. They were due to travel today -- Kate couldn't make the trip because of a condition called hyper and mrs. grow it don't. To talk about -- premises or -- you're talking about intractable. Vomiting that occurs. Sometimes more than once an hour. -- They are in fact expecting their second child Kate is nearly twelve weeks pregnant and is being treated at Kensington Palace not in -- hospital she's. It has system has been has been tricky few days retired early days but I think we're just. Things -- about it to do about a. This is the same condition that landed Kate in the hospital during her first pregnancy I think it's really important not to refer to this as severe morning sickness this is not something that. Makes a pregnant woman a little queasy and can be cured with assaulting cracker and some ginger L. This is something that when it occurs in some cases requires hospitalization. Because her condition the palace says it will evaluate -- engagements from now on case by case the news was greeted with -- Queen and members of both families said to be thrilled with the news it's. Burns -- British prime minister David Cameron tweeted I'm delighted by the happy news that they're expecting another baby. At this since the dust -- on pregnancy and taking up a lot of people have of -- not pretty insane when they and how -- on the tape. And now we know that they -- -- -- is on its let me. The whole world followed that first pregnancy marveling over her stylish maternity Wear. People rushing to copy her outfits what some call replicating. And prince George only a year old and already a junior style icon with a following of his own including an entire web site called prince George pieces. Dedicated to the prince's outfits and toys. British designers like Rachel Reilly has seen an increase in sales thanks to Kate's clothing choices for her -- As for the name George the royal -- helped propel it into the top ten baby names in the UK. As the world mimics the royal family they -- adapting to modern parenting. Yeah. They want that feeling okay. Prince William talked about his first few months -- a father. To CNN last year. He's he's a little bit of -- Roscoe what sort of allies say otherwise -- -- -- rather -- me when I was younger Marshall. He's going court protection because of the fights and kind of I'm really there aren't quite long he his -- that -- -- -- problem. And what about uncle Harry this was to be a big week for the prince Carrie turning thirty. But now he will be the fifth in line to the -- big story. The -- -- this little baby withers blu bill is important because it knocks Prince Harry down the pecking order one more place this child whether it's a -- ago will be. -- -- to the thrown off the Prince Charles. With that growing -- you'll prospects in coming can reduced and that. Right recruit. He shared his excitement about the announcement with typical -- -- Kuwait -- my brother so humble. And with -- -- ago. -- regrets I think and we'll see me. You know officers responded. -- -- -- Brewster -- the whole regional precedent -- in Pensacola with. Further from the throne but never far from the spotlight on. A new documentary released just last week -- at thirty shows how he has carved out his own role. I'm headed to maybe bring awareness of the programs to -- room where Muslims -- As we George royal watchers all over the world are anxiously anticipating the birth I think the rule is -- trying to. The biggest -- live -- comes from. The biggest families I think -- -- wants more than what you'll more than one -- that we a lot of that's now what is it boys go maybe Adobe great that she's buying stuff for him being. Because women have the complete sense that -- at which women they seem to get things right assumption about the tactics. Bookmakers once again placing bets on a name their money has on Elizabeth Miller Victoria for a girl and -- the boy Henry. It's anyone's -- the wait for royal baby number two would generate the kind of hysteria outside the hospital. The preceded Georgia's arrival expected around April. That will make George and his younger sibling about two years apart around the same age gap is prince William and Harry. They -- -- to add that they will possibly have the same friends they were able to get through that miles staying tonight at this the minute time unable read and novelty. The -- places confident -- biggest -- For Nightline I'm Bob Woodruff in London.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"As with her first child, Kate Middleton is suffering from a severe form of morning sickness. ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25374348","title":"Another Royal Baby On The Way For Prince William and Wife Kate ","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-prince-william-wife-kate-25374348"}