How to Name a Royal Heir

Royal expert shares her pick, boy or girl.
3:28 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for How to Name a Royal Heir
What's in -- name. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet Shakespeare. Being Juliette saying simply names don't matter and less of course that name. Is preceded by your majesty. Royal expert Victoria arbiter join me for a spot of English T -- spell out exactly what William and Catherine are considering. In naming the next -- to the throne. People think when you are naming a roll baby -- -- -- five names to -- from as -- not the case that aren't. Well after the -- of royal -- A plethora. In theory but a quick scan of the royal roster. And you can see where the monarch he saved a few pounds by not changing the royal stationary. Six Georgia's three Charles five Williams two -- and eight Edwards just to name a few of the most popular. Repeats for a reason they just sound -- It couldn't -- did not state names names that history and tradition -- its feet in some sense of continuity resplendent I think -- adamant all the monarchy. The -- says. You know don't mean someone is -- to be. The constitutional Monica sixteen Sovereign States says it's going to be something it carries some weight since some gravitas -- -- names that that the keep -- chase and Victoria and is -- that -- signed -- -- George. -- older -- as if claiming Kate nice that I think that banks managed to find some of us feel overwhelming that -- the east they'll tell. On the girls side of long shot possibilities. -- act. Aquitaine was the wife of Henry this page with the Contra special -- that she is how awful strong. Female fake that says we might see an -- and that. -- is rainy cool in the UK hit them payments. -- and it's not with school of advanced fan base at Queen Victoria had -- -- the militants say an ounce and AT and then advice to you don't shots. There's sentimental favorite is that it's no -- and North America. Well we -- had a very keen on it and other privately and for the boys. Front row and that and -- in my choice from day one has been -- George as the queen's been out grandfather it was that name her father chase -- that often of course has. -- and he starts today and attached to it. But -- -- child's parents queens that conjures -- or cat that as a mystery. Not this kind of cool lake and -- -- -- -- real trendy name that I think says. What about a shout out to hate spam the Middleton -- he sees no disrespect to Kate's family act told the wind up -- seeing -- -- family. Recognize sports senate -- in the -- the for the win. The windsors of course the royal family surname barely used protocol says skip -- on signatures if you answer to. Your royal highness -- -- keep in mind when you're betting on the royal baby name. -- four royals like to give themselves a few. Bunny at a table Victoria top boy top Grumman over us generally get full innings at triple I'm saying that Cilic that and it shells. -- I'm gangway and -- and -- different -- it's an LLC and we'll see in the. Reporting would only to name's Dan Butler ABC news New York.

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{"id":19501545,"title":"How to Name a Royal Heir","duration":"3:28","description":"Royal expert shares her pick, boy or girl.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-heir-19501545","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}