Rumor the German shepherd wins at Westminster

Rumor triumphs and her owner-handler, Kent Boyles, describes taking home the best in show title at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
5:01 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Rumor the German shepherd wins at Westminster
Westminster's new top dog, rumor, the German shepherd taking home the coveted best in show title overnight. We'll meet her in just a minute. But T.J. Holmes has the highlights. These dogs are the best in the world and compete and train all year for this stuff, right? They want the title but the dog that ended up winning, you know what he was doing just a month ago, it was chilling at somebody's house pet. Came out of retirement and proved she's still got it. The super bowl for our four-legged friends. Very tough group. There are a lot of great dogs. Reporter: The Westminster dog show, 2,800 dogs, 190 breeds from 49 states and 16 foreign countries competing for the title of top dog. Best in show at the 141st annual Westminster kennel club dog show, the German shepherd. Rumorer. Rumor wins best in show. Reporter: This year it's rumor, the German shepherd. This is the second dog from the herding group to win best in show. Reporter: The 5-year-old from Wisconsin with the comeback win. The winner of the herding group. Reporter: Rumor was a favorite at last year's competition but came up shortfalling to C.J. The German short-haired pointer. This morning rumor is your best in show. Her owner says her future might be filled with puppies. The 141-year-old showcase brings dogs, big and little, to Madison square garden. The fierce and fluffy competition can be rough for some of the pups. This St. Bernard just needed to catch a nap but the dogs could easily shake it off and hit the floor but some needed a nice belly pat. Backstage the finalists get first class treatment. Big dog at a small package. Reporter: From the cute and compact to the big and tough. But there could only be one best in show. And this morning, rumor is the newest member of pooch royalty. All right. Now that is a true story, rumor retired after being runner-up last year. You know what, let's give it a shot. Came out of retirement just last month and did a few shows and here she is. Kind of like the Michael Jordan of dogs. Jordan can't even do that. But amazing story, though, T.J. And now the moment we've all been waiting for. Let's meet this year's Westminster champ, rumor and her breeder/handler/owner Kent Boyles. Hi, Kent. How are you? Congratulations. Thank you, gentlemen. We're joined by your family as well. Your wife and beautiful kids and also Gail Miller from Westminster dog show. And congratulations and last year rumor was favorite for best in show last year. I thought it was for me. I was about to jump. But rumor was favorite last year for best in show and lost to C.J. Who was a short-haired pointer but how does it feel to win it all this time? Awesome experience. And as a family, you are all very supportive of this. How is it for you to watch your pet off the couch? Very exciting. Did you enjoy it. It's really fun to see her run around and get best in show. You were talking about Michael Jordan coming out of retirement but this dog, you were telling me stayed in shape. Show ready. Didn't have to do a whole lot. She loves to perform and went with us all last year. How rare is it? German shepherds, we don't see German shepherd win this competition tiths. We haven't had a herding dog win best in show since 1987 it was really time I felt that a herding dog came out and did it and rumor did it. She took it all. And she had a little more competition, Gail, because there were three new breeds. There was a American hairless terrier, pumi and sloughi. Sloughi. Well, mine is a sloughi, okay. And why were they chosen to compete this year. These were newly eligible breeds because the American kennel club recognized them in 2016 so this was historic for those dogs. It was the first time they had a representative at the Madison square garden showing at Westminster. You all explained as well playing the song all morning and know Adele had a big week and winning some more. Why the name? Why the name came about in the first place because the full name is what? Lockenhaus rumor has it V kenlyn. Why did you pick that name? The kids picked it. We decided to name the litter with Rs so the brothers and sisters were "R" litters but rumor has it. Adele fan. Well done. It worked out. No rumor that rumor is now the champion. That's right. And you know what, congratulations. I'm glad you stayed in shape. Rumor is always in shape. You need to stay in shape. Thank you Gail and the family.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Rumor triumphs and her owner-handler, Kent Boyles, describes taking home the best in show title at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45503855","title":"Rumor the German shepherd wins at Westminster","url":"/GMA/video/rumor-german-shepherd-wins-westminster-45503855"}