Russia Says Bomb Brought Down Airliner

Putin vows "retribution" on those responsible.
2:04 | 11/17/15

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Transcript for Russia Says Bomb Brought Down Airliner
A lot of new developments overnight in the attack on Paris. More raids and air strikes overnight plus the breaking news about the other terror attack that brought down a passenger plane with 224 people on board. Isis is claiming spent for both. Russia striking back hard and fast. Our whole team is on the story. "World news" an authorize David Muir in Paris and we begin with Brian Ross on the breaking news in Russia. Good morning. Reporter: The Russians this morning said the evidence was unequivocal it was a bomb and big one that brought down the passenger jet and Russian president Vladimir Putin promised swift and severe retribution. The head of the Russian version of the cia said it was a analysis of key parts of the plane and baggage that turned up evidence of an explosive device. The bomb was huge with the equivalent power of two pounds of tnt that caused the jet with 224 on board to break up in M midair over the sinai desert. 9 director of the ssb presented his findings to Putin saying it was a terrorist act unequivocally. Putin then faced the cameras and vowed to track down those responsible for the murder of the people in the sinai. "We will find them at any point on the planet," he said "And we will take retribution." Isis claimed respond for it within hours and Putin vowed to use the full Russian military might against the bombers. It is believed to be an inside job at the Egyptian airport from which the jet departed and this will focus attention on security procedures at airports around the world including in the United States. Russia this morning offered a $50 million reward for information on those responsible and overnight according to the U.S. Military, the Russians conducted an aerial bombbardment of the Isis headquarter city of raqqah, Syria. The strike included sea launch cruise missiles and long-range bombers, George. They had not gone after Isis before but now he will be ruthless. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Putin vows \"retribution\" on those responsible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35249435","title":"Russia Says Bomb Brought Down Airliner","url":"/GMA/video/russia-bomb-brought-airliner-35249435"}