Russia Will Not Enforce Anti-Gay Law at 2014 Olympics

Russian authorities reverse their decision, saying they plan do the "politically correct" thing.
2:35 | 08/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia Will Not Enforce Anti-Gay Law at 2014 Olympics
Thanks. Now, what appears to be a big change in russia this morning. A reversal in that brewing controversy ahead of the upcoming olympics. Russia saying they will not enforce an anti-gay law during the games. Dan harris is here with that story. Reporter: Good morning. This story is really developing as we go on the air this morning. After days of rhetoric that many people all over the world found very worrying, now comes what appears to be a reversal from russian authorities, who just this morning say they plan to do the, quote, politically correct thing. As homophobia intensifies in russia, where weeks ago, they passed that law, making it illegal to speak about homosexuality in front of children, or display a rainbow flag in public, it threatened to put the american figure skater and olympic hopeful, johnny weir, in an exquisitely difficult position. This law is a tragedy for the lgbt community in russia. Reporter: Weir is not only openly gay, but he's an o fish nadeau of all-things russian. His husband is russian. And he's a huge fan of that country's figure skaters. I won't stop being johnny weir, the gay, fabulous ice skater person walking down the street. Reporter: The new anti-gay law was championed by president vladimir putin, who has gone to great lengths to position him as a manly man, posing bare-chested and riding motorcycles. On thursday, the russian sports minister said olympians and their fans could be fined, deported or even jailed, if they violated the new law in the upcoming olympic games in sochi. But a top lawmaker said the gay propaganda law will not apply to olympians and guests. Our task is to be as politically correct and tolerant as we can be. The actress, tilda swinson in front of the kremlin. An idea that johnny weir says would only hurt athletes. It's our livelihood. Reporter: It's unclear whether the news this morning about the law not applying to athletes and fans will impact mounting calls for a boycott. Now russia is promising to be, quote/unquote, politically correct and tolerant during the games, that does not mean they will improve their treatment of gays the rest of the time. That's why we see the ongoing protests.

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{"id":19849279,"title":"Russia Will Not Enforce Anti-Gay Law at 2014 Olympics ","duration":"2:35","description":"Russian authorities reverse their decision, saying they plan do the \"politically correct\" thing.","url":"/GMA/video/russia-enforce-anti-gay-law-2014-olympics-19849279","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}