Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Expecting First Child: Report

Linsey Davis reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
2:04 | 07/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Expecting First Child: Report
Lara is out. Linsey is here with a little "Pop news." Time for the news that goes pop. A Hollywood baby boom. Not one, but two a-list couples with babies on the way. "People" magazine confirming Ryan gosling and Eva Mendez are expecting. Met playing parents in "The place beyond the pines" and there's also some exciting news for Robert Downey Jr. And his wife Susan are expecting a baby girl. The "Iron man" star confirmed it on Twitter announcing their bundle of joy. I thought you would have news about Bradley cooper. Not that kind of "Pop news" today. Congratulations to them. We have some royally major pop news. Princes William and harry made history Wednesday participating in their first Google hangout streaming live via webcam from Buckingham palace launching a program for young leaders. Became a makeshift social media hub complete with a Twitter mirror just like the one we have at "Gma" and, yes, there were, of course, selfies. Here they are with a young entrepreneur from the event and then, of course, we all remember the queen showing up in this unexpected selfie. Look at that. Now, if you've just woken up with a bad hair day like me today rest assured this -- every day is a bad hair day but this rabbit we can imagine is -- That's a rabbit. That's a big rabbit. A giant ball of fur getting a full-scale blowout. It's on a turntable. There is a rabbit in there somewhere. This is a fairly Normal occurrence for this angora rabbit. There it is. They are big names in the rabbit world. Prize bunnies known for their long luscious fur. Stars of a new film called "Rabbit fever" looking at the Giselle bundchen of bunnies. Feels pretty good. They'll be selling that hair, I bet coming up.

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{"id":24503673,"title":"Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Expecting First Child: Report","duration":"2:04","description":"Linsey Davis reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-gosling-eva-mendes-expecting-child-24503673","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}