Ryan Seacrest on 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' 2013

The media-mogul talks about hosting his first new year's show after Dick Clark's death.
4:47 | 12/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ryan Seacrest on 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' 2013
After all we -- have the biggest party of the year on the way we have an all star lineup on the way here to Times Square and we have the man at the center of it all and buy it all I mean. All leading the countdown -- the end of the year mobile host producer Dick Clark's new years rocking eve with Ryan Seacrest what. That -- -- just to that we we -- eight things we can -- thank -- for the 25. I want to start though it's Dick Clark's -- in the and boy this is going to be the first year and forever that he doesn't -- -- -- with us. How how odd. Is that can do. Governments are -- probably the most appropriate word. You think back forty years ago before I was born he started the tradition with the camera and a light and a microphone and he -- that tradition for so many years and -- it as a fan of of television as a fan of broadcasting as a kid. -- not only watched him. Because -- -- be home moment parents will be out but also like -- used to watch human study how he. -- host -- V shows. So it to be standing there in Times Square years ago with the what's really special for me personally and you accept exile when -- -- about stories that you did study it gives you -- Professionally what you wanted to be but then -- got to get to know a friend as a mentor what what is what is -- He's he's been -- You know when you're in school -- guidance counselor he was telling my guidance counselor has that we -- a growing up to the business. He'd always make you feel I think when you watch Dick Clark on television. You'd feel like you were his good friend and he was like that in person as well I think that was one of the most amazing things about how he could post shows. And so lets you -- And it's going to be the first -- that you do you have something star studded cast. To help -- help. Bring in that -- -- we topped. Well -- he'll be able reflect on deck at the beginning and -- -- some great moments over the years but that we've gotten incredible lineup. Just before midnight we've got a superstar by the name of Taylor Swift -- yes so she's having quite. -- career passing quite a year breaking all kinds of sales records this year so we've got her headlining outside live. Five people want for posting for the West Coast into the -- he's going to be here in Times Square in -- to consume a lot of people -- you never know what figures we we quietly QVC they get Jimmy McCarthy. A year ago. Finds one of our New York's finest. Bravest that -- -- more than a kiss to make an affiliate I think they're married and some of the -- some countries -- We're we're expecting what we don't know what to -- for things and really not you've really done it must be sort of fun -- I mean you know. You've got. A million plus people outside and you you just kind of cover like a big sporting event and -- -- not always quite sure how it's -- to go down and let her in mentioned on the way out just what. What a portion of the program supports a program from the West Coast -- -- -- the stars out there as well -- of my favorites what -- and cripple. Through your favorites to you know I'm telling it's like that if you look at the roster it -- adult male who have a pattern. Slap them with -- we -- we actually try at about six months out to project who's gonna have the best. Charting museum president -- the year -- -- -- we try to book it. Speaking of music. And some that get did you judges on the American Idol yes sitting Keefe and acumen not Mariah Carey it doesn't. From left in -- -- listen I was the road between Keith and Randy these two -- are just. I mean they're the claws come out -- -- you know. That dynamic is diverse -- Burnett's best way to saying you've got to. A legend in Mariah Carey in some of those contestants come in and they've looked up to -- may have wanted to. Beeper for so many years -- humanize she brings a special currency to the show -- well. It and keep from you know these Nashville roots Australia -- -- national. And -- Randy has been there for a long time so I think for for me as the host it's going to be -- circus to host as we get into -- every base covered. Before we go out how he asks what how do you do this -- -- -- and it exhausts and indeed how all the others. Seriously they're pretty easy Josh it's like. Welcome back take a look at this -- We'll be back after the break up. What do you think ambassador if you like to vote call 1866 titles don't want to and it is an idea that an -- I think if I can't get that done. I've got problems. I I certainly -- -- control of its. I'm grateful you know I I like the pace that I love -- and I'm grateful for the opportunities American -- you have changed. My life and so many of us have been on the show well it's new years rocking eve I don't think have to tell you that it isn't for at least two years the -- rice ticket -- thirteen. -- --

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The media-mogul talks about hosting his first new year's show after Dick Clark's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18082151","title":"Ryan Seacrest on 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' 2013","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-seacrest-dick-clarks-years-rockin-eve-2013-18082151"}