iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup Revealed

Ryan Seacrest, Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus discuss artists who will perform at this year's event.
2:17 | 07/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup Revealed
It's either been Miley Cyrus and the hardy gave a little bit of it away -- I thought I -- -- I never I never Levine and Aaron yeah ill. Ryan -- what is the what's the big lineup on the car radio all right so we're gonna share the big announcement here but I will tell you you're watching -- you want to book your room. Make arrangements to be in Las Vegas affiliate. The lightning funny cars and everybody from all walks of life -- be there called a radio formats and got -- as the music. -- due to start with some of the big names will be on this -- every -- is a couple of deliverable all. Yeah. -- -- Whatever you don't audible and live -- -- that -- get tickets that is as Fraser Justin Timberlake right. Katy Perry Elton John Tim and -- all right. Queen Adam Lambert and grandmas and current five. -- -- -- -- And the -- timely that hadn't been before the daytime each other is music during the day and music at night Friday night Saturday -- Saturday night recovered Sunday maybe go to our money -- hey hey hey hey the. I don't think the days -- Don't mean yeah I desolate now I saw my aunt and great I had always until one day all right Jason -- the damn scary wow I'm Levine today. Drew well okay this is really paranoid yeah anyone -- theme song in -- while they -- at a special guest is hanging out just going to be dealt I'm excited you know. -- -- Just Atlanta and is there. All right there really -- -- -- -- quickly and I could do my memory either so many he's adjusting Katie helped him queen out of liberal arts were invited Kate -- News yes -- Chris Brown you Juan Miguel -- ketchup. Thirty seconds to Mars. -- -- -- -- -- He delivered his fingers to many Aurelio is on the I got excited camera we -- we -- So this isn't. You can't be anyplace else but this until the date is one more time -- that we don't know where -- September 20 flight first Las Vegas MGM grand opening now. I doubt we'll go now the tickets -- all of that now you've got. The morning in. Around here so thank you so Priscilla.

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{"id":19667833,"title":"iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup Revealed","duration":"2:17","description":"Ryan Seacrest, Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus discuss artists who will perform at this year's event.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-seacrest-keith-urban-miley-cyrus-reveal-iheartradio-19667833","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}