Ryan Seacrest Previews 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' on 'GMA'

Ryan Seacrest appears live from Times Square to share his thoughts on 2016.
4:46 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for Ryan Seacrest Previews 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' on 'GMA'
This Friday morning, are you ready to count down to the new year? Yes, of course. Ryan is ready too. He made it. He's been freed. I was practicing in the elevator. And I said to rob over the phone, we were talking about doing interviews and I said, look, if I don't get out, just go from ten and one and say happy new year. That's all you need to know. How long were you in there. This is what's funny. We were going up to the ball and to get to the ball you have to go through a Walgreens and you go intoth Walgreens and inside the Walgreens is the elevator. That's the elevate we got stuck in. We didn't make it to floor two. We got stuck at the first floor for about 40 minute. Anyone have snacks? That's why you want friends with snacks. Funny you ask. Lou, one of your camera persons and we had Annie this there, as well and pat and started going through their pockets to see what they had. And we had altoids and cough drops and one advil That's not going to get her done. Though wasn't take you so far. Don't you need this elevator to be working for the actual show to go on? It seems like that would be a good idea. There are stairs so we could always take the stairs. I'm saying go with the stairs. But I will tell you this if you've ever been stuck in an elevator as funny and cute for 10 minutes then about 20 minutes in it's not so funny anymore. But thank you to the fire department who came and rescued us and pried those doors open. Only so many Snapchats you can take. It was funny because anastasia, your producer, she called the control room here to say we were stuck and they said, we know and hung up. Where is the concern? We're going to rolt on it. Can you make your 8:30 piece? Welcome to the television business. Tell us about the party tomorrow night. Who is going to be partying with you. We will start at 8:00 live. We'll be in every time zone broadcasting, we will have Jenny Mccarthy with me here. I love Jenny. Mariah Carey performing live, dance, demi Lovato, Lionel Richie in Las Vegas and a whole slew of artists in Hollywood. We name dropped a little bit. Paula has been calling me out for the fact we'll be watching TV in match si onesies but we will be watching you. Don't let that get in your head while you're -- It's a little creepy but -- We think it's adorable. That makes three of us at the desk that have onesies so -- Really? Nice. You have a onesie. I have one for the fourth of July and another holiday. Another holiday. Those were gifts. Which holiday is that, Arbor day. Jenny Mccarthy has been kissing Donne wallburg at midnight. She said she will get you to kiss someone. Is this year going to be the year we see you kiss someone at midnight? Well -- It sounds a little pathetic when you put it like that. It's not pathetic. It sounds more like a dare. I can guarantee you I will not be kissing Donny. That I can promise you. I think that's a pretty good one. He looks like he would be -- Talk to Jenny. I don't think she's going to give him up. What if he walks up in a nice onesie. Still not -- Ryan Seacrest could go like this, and just kiss anyone he wants. They actually met on this show, Jenny and -- Wasn't he coming in as a guest. Yeah, they were performing. I mean she is hitting on the talent once again. She can do that. A lot of great guests. It's true. What do you have? Your new year's resolutions. I was going to try a -- sort of like a digital diet by putting my phone down -- I don't know if I can do it for a day but maybe a couple of meals each week. Clearly you didn't do it on the elevator. On the elevator we had the phone. Signaled the elevator too. I think starting small with a digital diet where you're not saying I'll put it down all the time but for a few specific time, that's more likely to work. You find yourself reaching and then realizing you don't absolutely need it although I go -- I love staying connected but I don't need it -- What we did 20 years ago. We weren't around. What did we do? So like ten years ago. Those old switchboards. Ryan, you're the best. We're very much looking to your show tomorrow night. Thank you very much. Thank you. "Dick Clark's new year's rockin' eve with Ryan Seacrest is on tomorrow night at 8:00. You've donated a coat to the

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Ryan Seacrest appears live from Times Square to share his thoughts on 2016.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44461734","title":"Ryan Seacrest Previews 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-seacrest-previews-dick-clarks-years-rockin-eve-44461734"}