Safe Trek App Alerts Authorities when You Feel Unsafe

Zach Beattie discusses the app helped design to try to make the world a little bit safer. For more:
3:28 | 04/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Safe Trek App Alerts Authorities when You Feel Unsafe
As a new mobile app and we're very happy Denise is in the control and today and -- -- I'm misery for how -- -- did not. As is excited about that as are we and comes safe track and is designed after he is when you feel it is unsafe setting out about me feel like. -- feels so good if that's. An alert the authorities then and creates a timeline and beautiful vacation in the event that anything -- -- -- have been -- Himself we're gonna welcome -- -- creator how lucky enough to have -- -- ready. Yeah. Federal -- so -- the mafia yes of the app is designed for personal safety so let's say you're walking home at night and -- -- -- -- your parking garage are trying to get your car or something like that. Com do not necessarily going to call 911 if you just feel a little uneasy so. This -- is designed to give you this kind of a passive connection to police whenever you just feel unsafe. So it's pretty simple to use he just. -- -- -- -- From two -- -- page here openly and there's a safe button and all you do is you just hold your finger down on your screen on the safe buttons. Until you get to safe location a home you let go and you have ten seconds -- -- -- pre designated attending a party entered. And nothing happens but let's say something does happen and emergency. You don't enter your pen you can slip the phone -- your pocket something really bad happens you can just drop your phone. The police get notified and then -- -- call center gets notified and we can give your location and a live update to the police so they can come -- -- That's amazing and help you out. See that the ten seconds that you can obviously do it again if you feel they think everything's fine for -- and then unsafe again yeah definitely can use it anytime it's available all over the US -- you're actually a college student yes yes and designer -- the university and is there. -- -- video and and what what was a bit inspired. To do this and these -- college. I have a lot of friends tell me are actually it would just watch them word they would tell stories about coming home at night where they would call their friends on their phone. They would feel unsafe -- just talk to their friends. Content which kind of makes sense but in a real emergency you can't like shout -- your location to your friend if something's happening. I'm so we were just playing with -- idea and we designed to quick. Just little mock up and people tunes like make liked it so we just kept going with it and now I'm here so. Well and it automatically dials nine and one yet automatically dials 911 and it's it's kind of like how way home security system -- -- yeah so now we have a call senator that the information goes to they can -- through the emergency and send whatever information is necessary right to the police in your area and like -- said -- checks so even after the -- somebody could. Yeah definitely not helpful in overtime as more and more people use -- -- we can. Look at cities as a whole and see where people are feeling unsafe in in the cities can go to those areas and make improvements that. What saved they can add more lights -- street or change police routing and things like that so it has a community aspects to it that's really cool -- Mom so how to download it -- go -- you can go to the App -- it's available on IOS or android. And that's that's as easy as it is it's really simple -- his putting your name your number you choose your -- and you can use it for -- they come and -- is yet safe track here again and to have those location services turned off right and yet and any -- look at. I don't get enough competent and not enough that he's so much for join thank you family -- could -- a great idea thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Zach Beattie discusses the app helped design to try to make the world a little bit safer. For more:","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23317306","title":"Safe Trek App Alerts Authorities when You Feel Unsafe","url":"/GMA/video/safe-trek-app-alerts-authorities-feel-unsafe-23317306"}