SAG Awards 2013 Fashion Review

Chris Connelly, Stacy London report the news from Hollywood event.
4:17 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for SAG Awards 2013 Fashion Review
Who was everybody's favorite on the red carpet? I loved jessica chastain and kerry washington. A glamorous night. The look of the evening was sophisticated and sizzling. Stacy london will be here with her take on the fashion. But chris connelly had a front-row seat to the biggest fashion statement there. Reporter: Hail the ponytail. Leather to lace. These fashions did everything but s.A.G. From amanda in zac posen. And jennifer lawrence, going up the stairs. I felt on the ground, this train is going to murder me. Somebody's chair got stuck on my train. Reporter: But you handled it with grace. I did. I fell into the crowd. Reporter: The color of the s.A.G. Awards carpet had nothing on jessica chastain, rocking THAT alexander McQueen. Keeping it dark and dramatic were tina fey, amy poehler and busy philipps. And claire danes rocked it lips to hips. I knew it was the right one. Reporter: The passion and influence of the first lady seemed much in evidence. You embraced the bangs before michelle obama did, didn't you? She stole it from me. She called me. Reporter: Youth kept it. Ant hathaway from "les mis." To "madmen's" kiran shipka. I feel good in them. Maybe because they make me feel confident. Reporter: Nicole kidman was radian in vivienne westwood, when she was wore by naomi watt, and her fashion icon having fun. He's in australia doing his tour. I went with naomi. And tonight, I'm going with steve daniels. I have to find dates, you know? Reporter: For "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. For more, we're joined by stacy london, co-host of tlc's "what not to wear." Thank you for having me. I love the fact you have a true philosophy when it comes to red carpet dressing. Will you share it with everybody? It's interesting. Julianne moore talked about her stylist on the red carpet. Now that we know celebrities have stylists, we don't necessarily think they're going to be huge successes and big misses. It's much more about the fact, you want to see the woman in a dress. You want to see her and think that she's beautiful. The risk-takers, what winds up happening is the dress is wearing them. Not necessarily that it's a terrible dress. But that's the distinction now. Who did you think were the winners last night? I had so many favorites. I have to go with jennifer lawrence. Jesse chastain and naomi watts. I know amanda seyfried. And amanda looks gorgeous. That dress was amazing. You talk about when the dress wears the woman. Who took a fashion risk? I think january jones is the woman we're talking about. She did severe hair. She went with the shorter hair and her hair falling out, that was part of it. But that dress really wore her a little bit. I love that dress, actually, when it was shown originally was shorter. I think it was a little less of a statement. I liked the neckline. She was going for something a lot stronger. More rock 'n' roll. Exactly. It was a almost punk rock. Some of the dresses were a lot softer. All right. Stacy london, we love your hits, your misses and your great advice. Bianca: Hi everybody.

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{"id":18334310,"title":"SAG Awards 2013 Fashion Review","duration":"4:17","description":"Chris Connelly, Stacy London report the news from Hollywood event.","url":"/GMA/video/sag-awards-2013-fashion-review-best-worst-dressed-18334310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}