Hayek Reveals Sandler's Reaction to Her Trying to Get Mother to Date

"Grown Ups 2" actress jokes about the protective nature of her co-star Adam Sandler
4:12 | 07/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hayek Reveals Sandler's Reaction to Her Trying to Get Mother to Date
Shaq, adam sandler, on yesterday. So much fun. Now, it's great to welcome salma hayek, now to times square. Great to have you here. Thank you. You play a glamorous fashion designer that moves with adam back to his hometown. Want to show a bit of it. We moved back to your hometown so we could have more quality time with our family, right? Correct. How would you feel about expanding. Having another kid? Yeah. Oh, it's perfect right now. You know? If I buy one large pizza, greg gets two pieces, greg gets two. Becky gets one, you get one, i get four. It's perfect. Why don't you go on a diet. Welcome back. You know, we had so much fun with all of the guys here yesterday. That must have been a great time on set. Oh, yes, it was. It was three years ago. And it was again. You know, this last summer. It's like a great way to spend the summer. I'll bet. Your friends. With all of your family. You still get paid for it. You said yes right away? Yes. Without reading the script. No kidding. We did. The script, you know it doesn't matter. When you get there, everybody -- I heard you had a little conflict with adam when he tried to set his mom up? Oh,y e. You know, he's the nicest guy on earth. And I never -- I never saw him really angry or you know, he's always joking. Easy going. And the other day, we were sitting together and he was, like, you know, with his face. And then, I said, judy, to his mother. You know what? I'd like to set you up with someone because you know, her husband passed away a long time ago. And she's so spunky. I wanted to get her a boyfriend. And I said, I'd like to set you up with someone. And he was like -- what? Don't mess with mom. Don't mess with my mother. Oh, my goodness. I got to see a whole other side of adam. Very protective guy. We are still getting to know each other. And judy says, oh, no, please. Didn't do it anyway. Yeah. This movie, mostly laughs. But it does have a little bit of a message here on the whole issue of bullying. And I was very surprised to learn that you actually had your share as a kid. Yes. When I was a little girl, there was this new boy called alfredo. Alfredo. Who was taller than me and probably older than me. He used to hit me, pull my hair, do all kinds of things to me. A crash on you? He would be arrested for domestic violence by now. This is not the way to show your love. Boys, you like the girls, do not beat on them. This is not good. And men, if you love your wife, don't beat on them, either. This message coming straight -- yes. How did you get away from him? I used to walk like a duck. My feet were like this. I had to wear those horrible boots. Oh, gosh, yeah. And I still walk like a duck. Only one foot. But anyway, and I told the teacher. She didn't do anything. My mom went and talked to them. They didn't do anything. He was pulling my hair and shaking me and doing kinds of things. And he was so much bigger. One day, when he came to attack me, I just looked at him. And I played it all nice. And I took my boot and I kicked him right here. A parent told me where. But I'm not supposed to say. Parents, we're not supposed to tell their kids that. But actually, my mother told me, get him in the shin. Alfredo, you learned your lesson, pal. He stopped. The boot didn't work for my feet. But they worked as a weapon. One more lesson from salma hayek. I wish we had more time. Unfortunately, we do not. The movie is fantastic. Great to have you back.

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{"id":19637857,"title":"Hayek Reveals Sandler's Reaction to Her Trying to Get Mother to Date","duration":"4:12","description":"\"Grown Ups 2\" actress jokes about the protective nature of her co-star Adam Sandler","url":"/GMA/video/salma-hayek-interview-2013-grown-ups-star-sandlers-19637857","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}