Samsung Issues New Warning for Galaxy Note 7s

New reports of battery explosions in the Galaxy Note 7 have forced Samsung to warn customers to immediately shut off and exchange their phone.
2:29 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Samsung Issues New Warning for Galaxy Note 7s
None of that stunning recall a Samsung's galaxy note seven. Coming urging people with the Smartphone a shuttered offer turn immediately. The FAA out with a warning to ABC's Linda dancer with the. That's our George good morning Samsung is stepping up its recall asking owners of the note seven to take immediate action to protect themselves. All new Samsung galaxy note seven. This morning and urgent new message from Samsung turn off your galaxy note sevens immediately. To avoid something like this happening to you. The last thought my head is that. And a brand new device is going to burned out my car my house. World's largest Smartphone manufacturer now urging customers to exchange their notes sevens for a new model. After announcing a voluntary recall of two and a half million devices earlier this month. The device is lithium ion batteries exploding or igniting the company says sparking as many as 35 reported fires. Smoke was unbearable black thick smoke our whole house was full of smoke. This Illinois woman says her netted seven exploded and her nightstand. Spraying parts of her melted phone on her bed and even on her dog. I called exploding because this did shoot. Pieces of what ever it was inside found out. Over the weekend as six year old boy in New York was rushed to the hospital with burn. After his family says one of the recall device is exploded in his hands while he was watching a video. And those faulty batteries now triggering a new preflight warning across the country coming straight from the FAA. Find out you don't have a problem. Murder charges were Howard ordered confined. If one phone gets trapped in the seat get crushed on fire now the whole seat is on fire and what you may or may not have this ability to fight that fire. Well there could be more trouble ahead for Samsung the company is being sued by a man who says he was badly burned. After a different Samsung model the galaxy S have an edge at blew up in his pockets. We've got some photos of his burnt out phone to show you. Sampson tells us it is aware of the lawsuit but says it won't. Did comment on pending litigation. What about those customers alike and that's 71 turn in person tomorrow they may have to wait awhile Samsung says that the new note seven devices will be made available after they're approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And it they're acting as a timeline for how long it will be can't come soon enough. You think sensing.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"New reports of battery explosions in the Galaxy Note 7 have forced Samsung to warn customers to immediately shut off and exchange their phone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42025724","title":"Samsung Issues New Warning for Galaxy Note 7s","url":"/GMA/video/samsung-issues-warning-galaxy-note-7s-42025724"}