Samuel L. Jackson Reveals His Favorite Superhero Character

And it's not "Captain America: The Winter Soldier's" Nick Fury.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for Samuel L. Jackson Reveals His Favorite Superhero Character
We're we're -- -- -- takes hijacking viewed as. I'm nuclear war would -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He would ask -- -- want -- to call for a vote presidents -- desperately. -- Sort of favor this subcommittee hearing belong could be nothing probably is nothing I just need to make -- Find it but you gotta get our grandest of my -- -- It's. Not just apply. He's got to me. Hi everybody. Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and right now you can't get a bigger movies and Captain America the winter soldier. They've been my dream to have. The character nick fury here but I couldn't I couldn't get I had -- -- -- For the actor who -- -- is Samuel L. Jackson who. In his own way is that quick tests of -- so called them have a -- might do it he might -- -- -- thank you was measured in more important one now. There's only use that when there is only yet. This is your sixth pilgrim 6006. Times they fear so you think you got him. They saw got a good handle -- is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's gonna stop making -- dangers. Well this not just avengers and nick fury show that would allow different -- but you know my guess that I've got three movies left them enacted to deal. Then. Astounded that animated news Caroline -- regularly -- and -- it to the ago. -- -- -- lunatic. -- And then all of a sudden they've they've done a mall and you know a matter of no -- at all in maravent -- committing I think -- -- committing to go for movies a year and Kamal -- adversely. And don't spend enough stuff -- me get aunt -- and your guardian the universe. Aaron man what floor yet -- or degree. Captain America at 3COM and who then there other characters in the marvel universe today amid -- the and then well but nick fury has detached from law. No we hope so we get these guys -- nick animals around you know he's he's -- he's like an annuity death but I kinda. Could teach you we've got him in this -- All rights of -- when there's just something going on with him that's what we're trying to get follow -- to work. -- what does not so certain. Well he's always talking about what who what what she'll do what you means to him and what he's trying to do and avengers initiative and on -- -- -- And he sold far -- of the curve all the time and all the sudden he realizes. Wait a minute. I've been used to meet -- -- -- -- didn't you. You don't do that -- -- experience -- and nick you know starts to do what nick fury doesn't mean he's the master of deception and he uses all his skills in this particular films -- great but he's -- and some other masters of deception. Some. But as usual you know I mean nick nick. -- -- -- -- -- Of sorts you know he. Has been out there -- -- -- even the story that they'd tell about him inside the -- where you know he's given an executive order not to rescue these people. And before they know it you know on the other people didn't negotiate -- rescued him anyway because that's what he does. He -- against authority but he has his own way of getting things done. And markets -- a master of deception there -- lie after lie after lie I guess because once he left. Active service in terms of being a soldier he went into the shadow world of spies and -- -- that they when he found the tell here. He has ties to all these other things that they reference and Bolivia in the round world wherever -- he's got he's got the pulse he's done some dark stuff -- and he's pretty much says he's pretty much have to go back in it. In this space now. So expecting -- some more really a lot more interesting things to come -- over who nick fury actually if you already are you already thinking ahead. Two avengers the age of all -- and -- you already set your head from. The next on this sort of reminded of that to be aired two weeks a hot cocoa are sort of behavior but. That's -- so when you remove him once again coming owls in. The avengers but -- -- kind of are arranged -- coordinated certain things and made things happen but when the big battle happened in New York. How would -- -- because mom that superintendent ways guess just say that in need to be there and I think. The same thing happen in -- -- today I'll be there Al orchestrate some things and then on -- out of the way. You don't know exactly what's happening so that you could spill every secret. Of age of all turned to me well I think the justices. Just. Just continues to change the script just so we want I think he should make -- eye patch. Have some kind of special power. Oh. -- No one of these days one day can you suggest to them what do you think should be going on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We write just emailed to say well I'd like to do more here I'd like to do more there and in -- -- back in Britain as would you know death. So I could just kill you and then the next movies there and Lester -- movie you'll just -- -- -- OK fine. That's the ultimate -- -- That was our flashback. Not like when as George Lucas for purple lights they refuse -- we think but he did say yes it is. Macy's and his did you get no -- can take that we are exactly. You know -- selfish act three Star Wars but totally selfish yeah I Haskell purple lights goes. That big battle scene in the arena and I want to be with Imus. I had no idea. Selfish -- -- -- -- -- thinking -- well eventually they'll come in a closeup at least thought you want took tours but I just want to see myself in the big battle with the the light -- stands. -- liked that idea that's what it was war yet and yet. That will always be long have to were all gone people will still be watching those movies you will. Have that there that there and a purple light -- now. The original boom. Light sabers in -- -- home. -- failure to bring him out there today well and it's eyewitness the it's at home complete with. For our guys who actually made it actually put on but naqvi has BMF on its. Still be -- if you had made more money for people added those -- DA. Effect. That's a dubious. That he had a brilliant actor in the history of Hollywood tax cut -- that is is I think in the rose by some did you get a big percentage of those billion I don't those anybody else's mind. Yeah it's -- everywhere I gotta -- I don't have percentage of any of those things but it's great to know that there is this something that. No matter what it also means that a lot of people saw me work. It didn't come as a result of a couple of people into the movies and I have done a lot of different throwing a lot of people gone -- so even when there are blockbusters. Have made a -- would amount of money. That they're successful films for the people who put their money wars -- -- enough that an audience -- to see. And that's -- you know the important thing did you grow up with this marvel universe did you would these -- something that we're a part of your life. -- -- -- -- I -- -- the DC universe remember there was build the best doubles Superman Batman and -- -- than those flash though as awkward man. -- Ali though they go to modeling world came up later. Undaunted he won via what I used to fancy myself with one to be the flash because you know I ran track them and -- one -- those cute -- grown up now with bottles as fast -- elected ridden bodies -- Yellow goings on in in the shoes but. A group would that world of a superhero. I knew who nick fury wasn't by the time all these though the care to started coming in dole or Clinton and and hope in all these other things are we'll keep an outlaw led even -- revolutionary -- Collins Stewart comic book you revolutionary faith but that. You know civil rights civil rights and -- you then Hilton so I storyteller boats and I was there in that place and taking math and reading comic book room. The companies but. I've been a part of that world forever so when I had an opportunity to become a part of this series it was great for me. Because. -- -- been at home reading comics and wondering what it would be like to be -- the world people with superpowers or. You know people who wore tights and head orange and green there won't keep them make up -- Falmouth of live in that world and moved LA but there's still more people with -- -- -- To be a part of that isn't really wonderful and and and wish fulfillment because I get to live about the hosting the -- the -- and now we care very human young man in terms of wishing to be in place that was -- What if people out there have been asleep for the past couple decades and haven't seen it then what would be the three of four. Performances you gave that you would recommend they watched to understand who you are as an -- I would say start work -- to kill. And -- -- months. Jungle fever. From that to. -- fiction. To rid violin. And the Henman won. That's and then -- -- an interim won a seven just war you know a real twist. I thought you would put in. -- going change because I've never seen -- character. What that that you. I have never see what did you call him the most despicable negro and -- -- of the -- -- Jerusalem. And yet it's. It's such a great performance and such an interest in character to do. And yet it that's not on your central west -- I loved it I love that character and I love their role. -- -- -- Yeah yeah hotel like just didn't give you spent he went -- made it -- animated have to -- -- -- well all right we end this show always and saw. Okay realistic and. You could just do a snake a snippet of something that means something to you it's a piece of music going on in your head or you could do three penning -- report. Since that was the beginning for you Sam. That was the beginning for you what did you sing when you -- and three -- -- the knife. Now system over the course of the I was ready money -- Reeling yeah. I could've done a -- today. Not and that didn't play at all related only here he year armed -- -- loves you ask me to sing songs. But people who can actually see -- you can do one from people who can't. But -- I just. Read thirty -- for anyway -- he's saying. A little bit of a song called. I can't get started with you. -- a little Bhutto's ago. Afternoon news. I knew that wound. -- -- -- -- I knew that I would now so good. So did go Baghdad -- But who could ask for more Redford could do that he'd be lost them but you say it is. That was great.

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