Sand Dune Dramatic Rescue

Boy, 6, swallowed up by a sand dune is rescued after three hours.
2:05 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Sand Dune Dramatic Rescue
How to -- dramatic rescue. A six year old boy swallowed up by a sequel on the beach he was trapped inside -- more than three hours under eleven feet of sand. While rescuers tried frantically to find MA BC's rob Nelson here with the story unfathomable rob that he. Was submerged for that long -- -- it really is incredible story -- good morning guys this morning that little boy it really is lucky to be alive after a peaceful family trip to an Indiana -- Turn into an hours long rescue mission the six year old nearly buried under a buildings worth of -- Overnight a race against time as crews worked to rescue was six year old boy who was trapped under eleven feet. -- stand when a message saying you swallow him up. We honestly don't know exactly what happened this is unprecedented. We've never had anything like this. It all took place at the -- -- sand dune located at Indiana dunes national lakeshore park. The dude is the park's tallest standing at a 124. Feet. Along Lake Michigan equivalent to a twelve story building the boy's parents were nearby as he was playing in a closed off area on the -- according to the park service. They didn't actually see the initial collapse. But when they got to him they could actually see him for little bit tried to dig him out and that's when the total collapse as they described it happened. After three and a half hours workers lifted the young boy to safety using heavy machinery and shovels. This morning officials say the six year old is a lucky to be alive after being rushed by helicopter to the university of Chicago Children's Hospital. Condition at this point is unknown. And word we're just waiting in the holding -- breath. Officials tell ABC news the boy -- from Illinois may have been saved by an air pocket deep inside that sinkhole created by an old tree. The youngster is still being treated for -- that he may have ingested. Into his lungs was still lucky to be. A -- guys back to you. We are pulling for him this morning and thinking about those parents everywhere well yeah -- Nelson thank you.

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{"id":19656547,"title":"Sand Dune Dramatic Rescue","duration":"2:05","description":"Boy, 6, swallowed up by a sand dune is rescued after three hours.","url":"/GMA/video/sand-dune-dramatic-rescue-19656547","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}