Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: The Spirit of Community

Spirit of Community
2:29 | 12/16/12

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: The Spirit of Community
Well, it will be a struggle to say the least to make sense of the tragedy in connecticut. Already people from all over the country are going there to share in the grief. Let's go back to lara spencer in newtown. So encouraging to see people from across the country wanting to help. Bianna, it has been just an incredibly emotional 24 hours here and I will tell you that whtruck most of us as we walked around town last night was that sense of strength, resilience, and most of all kindness. On a cold, crisp, new england night, residents gathered in makeshift memorials throughout town trying to make sense of the impossible. I'm just waiting to wake up from this nightmare. Reporter: Then joined by hundreds of strangers who traveled far and wide trying to help. Why did you need to be here? I'm a mother. I'm a mother. Reporter: A mother from new york city, a chaplain from north carolina. How important is it to give back to this community? I have grandsons exactly the same age as the victims. My heart was just -- I just was moved. Reporter: This firehouse is now the site of 26 christmas trees, one for each life taken at sandy hook school each donated from a woman from north carolina and nestled with teddy bears. How is christmas going to be? Not going to feel like christmas. I think, you know, it's t to keep things as normal as possible for everyone. It's about giving and loving and kindness. Reporter: Random acts of kindness abound. Take michael craigen offering up his bulldog for free hugs at a local coffee shop. Amanda harman lives in an hour away butating her time here to those who need her most. Out of all this tragedy my heart has been lifted from all the good that's coming in cross country and around the world. Incredible experience. And this evening the president will be here in newtown to meet with families who have lost and also to speak at annterstate vigil. Bianna, back to you in new york. Just when you think you see the worst part of society, you see the kindness, as well and i think all of us can say this weekend we're all part of newtown. All right, lara, thank you, and

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{"id":17990318,"title":"Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: The Spirit of Community","duration":"2:29","description":"Spirit of Community","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-elementary-shooting-spirit-community-17990318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}