Family Friend Says Elliot Rodger's Parents 'Crippled With Grief'

Author Simon Astaire says the alleged Santa Barbra shooter's parents are trying to come to terms with what has happened.
27:04 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Family Friend Says Elliot Rodger's Parents 'Crippled With Grief'
Now to the tragic shooting out of California so many asking what -- led 22 year old Elliott Rogers. To take the lives of six innocent people and injured thirteen others the Rogers family friend and author Simon -- is here with us now. Simon thank you so much for joining us. -- -- -- I know that you have spent these past few extremely dark days with -- parents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Russell him yesterday I mean they have neutrally diminished in size. That crippled with pain and grief they really and they're trying to. Come to Tom -- we have with a. You've said that they are mourning the innocent lives that were taken. More than their own son's life. It's true the greed being. Those innocents that in return home on Friday night. And that's way that grief is and that's -- -- consumes that conversation. Every part of it. He's talking about that north about this -- I want to talk about what happened in the days and weeks leading up to Friday's. Horrific. Mass murder. Was -- -- with his parents. You know he received very -- Remote Childs. I'm a friend of his father's I'm being -- And I've seen how we is he strolled in to do in those. And I mean he he would not really come -- us with anyone you would be set crooks he would -- in his own world. Two I think they were close together absolutely but whenever I spoke to pizza. As his friends my folks because in my opening line was house that it today how's he doing and -- wouldn't typically say. Well he's you can son so as a father he is was console I mean well before I even met him he was and so I mean he was -- very. Clearly very troubled child I mean I remember -- one particular occasion. I went to a policy of that as an idea was. And then in the middle part TI -- -- and use that on the street. Or -- And he was that shall oppose in the if you sort of approached he wanted to apologize before even approaching. So I said to him I'm I'm sorry to disturb your -- and he said. -- and come enjoyment. So -- sick I'll see something and I was surprised it was going to be the first question is that -- loss and -- tolerance limits and and he symbols in light writing he feels sort of -- I said when it's full of solitude in your and -- and I enjoy my -- -- it consumes me in my rights and I'm disciplined and I. Get all -- the and he says I sort of on the stunned that. And then he -- -- the conversation -- and the way and I walked away from him to leave him alone and as late and I saw him and he -- Returns looking out of the sky and I have to tell you and it's now on reflection -- suddenly felt that the time. I thought he was -- this person I've ever seen in my life. And speaking to that that -- -- stare that so many people. Noticed. There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not Elliott. Had been diagnosed with Asperger's or at least some form of autism somewhere in the spectrum can you clarifying some of those conflicting reports. Fight I really can't clarify noted that he was -- -- it does. It was implied in but I that's not what I know I don't really know his medical history I just know them as friends. The suffering that's going through Sunday what led up to it but I didn't I called Coleman on his medical condition is that their Renault. Did you know that Elliot had been in therapy since he was seven or eight years old. -- -- -- And and how many therapist had been treating and because and one of reports it mentioned when those fateful phone calls were made it to his mother and his father. It reference one of his therapist to do you -- I can I -- reading. What I do know is what happened on Friday. And the post and that he was at closest to -- the -- yeah. Soul who received an email like other people who received the amount. That is -- the manifesto which -- listing gives it salute that valuation is not really it was a belonging. Sort of -- -- of his life. And he rang up the Marva and he -- the mother have you received an email from. -- and she said and I haven't looked mighty mouse if she went straight to emails. And she tells me that she read the plus four lines. And she knew something was wrong issue automatically went to you to. Because before that it had left messages -- you to. So she just automatically went and -- she watched study seconds of the -- And immediately rang. Edits -- And she -- you have to look at this -- Padilla. Retribution. And he went straight to his life and I believe and he looked at -- -- Padilla. And he said we have to get that we have to get sent to Barbara. And then chin the mother rang the police night while one as they were very concerned about -- -- he has left this sends messages. And we've seen this YouTube -- witnessed there were coming up to Santa Barbara. When they kept an open line with the model. And the fault. Goes with his friends and his wife's in my and they drive up sensible -- Santa Barbara. As those chin in public calm and -- -- driving up. They know intrinsically something strongly that it. And then they start to hear from the -- yet. The news flashes that a black BMW was involved. And that the mass shooting. Did they know another point it was Valeant. -- -- -- Have they -- and they -- at that moment felt like. I think. Let me just say the reason why I'm speaking for them and being out here and trying to describe what -- going through. Is because -- This speech is now starters. They are unable to -- -- really articulate things in a full sentence. The -- he pizzas will say something in the new breakaway and then he'll finish -- he's at that deeply. That good people. -- spent their life trying to. -- on and infect me being an englishman whenever I come to Los Angeles on -- -- of that house they'll kind. Decent people. Whose conversation. You feel -- hearing. Before leaving the house. And he is explained that it's. What I've made a business statement from them which they talk about casa amiga and read -- know that that would be wonderful he wanted to do that. But I do the -- because this this is from the -- found. We are crying in pain for the victims in this time this. It breaks -- hawks on the level that we didn't think possible. The feeling of knowing that it was all sons actions. The -- the tragedy. Can only be described. As hell on. It is now our responsibility to do everything we can do to help -- -- this happening to any of the family. Not only to avoid any more innocence destroyed. But also to identify. And deal with the mental issues. That drove -- -- to two. What he did. And Elliott's mother -- had. Reached out before she was concerned when she saw earlier YouTube video she contacted health authorities who then contacted police. -- seemingly did everything right and yet still. He was able to slip through the cracks police showed up to his apartment and now there is an investigation as to whether or not the correct actions were taken. How -- the Rogers family feel. About how police handled her concerns. -- plus I think that was a pivotal moment. The you know as you describe what happens sold -- -- she rang. His social work of the social work rep and eventually went on the -- -- the police and the police tons up six offices I believe. And and they missed that but it's two things -- there's no blame to the police whatsoever. Because. -- fooled everyone for a very very long comment. He fooled me he pulled his family -- fooled everyone who sold him -- and so police arriving at his apartment to question him because of -- son's. Was something that -- not -- could deal with and therefore he had -- -- here is able to. -- -- -- his own truth and the truth from others. In his manifesto Elliott refers to himself as. God where there ever any signs that he was so self -- -- Well -- -- that he was quiet. And didn't tool maybe that's the sort of self -- involvement he was intrinsically. She died. He was intrinsically. As removed as you can imagine they could be sitting at a table of twelve. And he was that but he was not that. I never -- crossed that his parents this I never -- aggression. I never felt by never really did speak except -- on like day but I never anger. There Wilson it was clearly wrapped up within himself. And his -- manifest which she had I understand has been right here for the last three years. Is something that he retreated to as well as. His mind. And yet his. Anger towards women is is still palpable and and and so frightening when he puts that hatred down in words. Did his parents ever. Feel that anger specifically towards women. I've -- since the father about citizen and I said you knew exactly what -- to sauce me and his lonesome walls. That he was. Of urgent and that he was -- sons that he walls and he wanted to meet ago when he wanted to have a relationship like everyone else. It wasn't said in any way aggressive towards women keeps talking about why anyone in particular. It was told it was spoken with frustration. And clearly of the frustration. That's -- way with him and became very -- And -- his parents never saw any outbursts of anger or never saw that frustration. Become. Real. The they thing. And in the short time that I've met him on I would say it's a till ten occasions. And I've spoken to -- so I'm I'm quite -- Easy to tool to and he never really on to be -- there was nothing that but the concern laws he was -- -- he was removed. It will also means you know. -- -- -- Sadness. All. Emotions that we will happen -- cells that showed on the face or an actual. It wasn't there was a still looks. -- -- -- Votes it will lose if there was anything. Very very different because clearly he's very different than anyone I've -- the -- in my entire life. Laws -- the but removed from the -- moving from the the thrust of life. On a day to day basis would you say that -- parents were concerned about him. Yet. Yes every -- three -- I can speak about that I can speak of the fallen. Every day so when you bring a friend you talk about Walt's. Main -- occupies their minds. And vice Versa. And I would and he he spoke old. -- -- What -- their fears they never imagined they say this I I finally I think. Not enough of that in the visit difference I think that fit -- fundamentally. Deep down was that he was gonna take his own life. There there was a tragedy that's shrouded him. I think that was that -- and since he was no longer a child what was their level of control. Over monitoring him. -- I understand he spoke to his mother quite often. You visit to solve. Like the 22 year old woods. Maybe in the week the weekends that'll bring him up. He spoke Tucson on the close today. And they he was coming over its launch on sat today -- else -- said is that is. It's a -- effort to spoke to him he's coming on set today for lunch -- memorial weekend. As a policy. And he said he was actually in good spirits. Surprise in his voice but he said that nothing was good he was good -- looking forcing his his brother and he's looking forward to being with us. And yet to read that manifesto. I'm curious do you know whether or not Peter and -- and have actually read all 137 pages. I -- unit that haven't read a page. They -- They probably can't. Well that -- I've spoken to them office. And -- as the -- on their main linked to what's going all. And and yup I don't think it's good idea Spencer reed did just now they're -- with lots of other things that -- like when I say that they crippled reprieve. It is extraordinary to be in their presence this is no -- this is just on just telling you how it is they saw absolutely. Devastated. I've seen devastation before and sub level but this is something else it is. That a tussle science called. Of sadness. And as I say. That -- is full. The innocence that they never met. It's -- tunnel Friday night and -- and -- the -- of the world on the Stein's. Is that -- -- name the people on the street. They they're just -- -- those people they kill all of us. They kill all of us a little bit some people less that -- -- -- them the people the closer you get you -- a little. And the destruction news. Desperate. And sadly other families have been in your dear friends situations. The parents. All of the shooters in these mass tragedies and notably none of them have come forward they've all gone into hiding understandable. As a parent trying to deal that kind of guilt and grief at the same time do you think it's important to the Rodgers think it's important. To speak out to it to if there's any way to glean any insight. Any ability to prepare or to prevent. Something that's happening again. And they had any. Words with you about their intentions going forward I -- -- Really they're using -- -- -- as this as a spokesperson which is -- is a huge step forward. The -- is yes they will speak out. Yes they all sort of people who pieces the whole family -- especially as the one who will speak out. He's an extra extraordinary him I mean he really is he is a good -- He is and he will speak out the reason why all foods. Who simply because I was a friend. And it. Clearly the media needed to be dealt with and I felt I could deal with and help them on that and also expressed. The I hope. Well the emotion that he's going through and that full. Speak on his butt off he really wanted that to happen. Ohio offered to do so and -- I'm -- so when he is well enough. And strong enough. Which might well be in a few weeks he will -- and he will talk about issues. And probably. The grief. To everyone. Obviously mental health issues come off once again -- you know if Elliott was on any medication. We know he obviously had been in talks with mental health professionals but was he using anything to -- to help with his problems. I understand he was on sonics in the last six months I on the stun. And and I think Stoltz is have offered to put him on medication before all. Like a year ago and I don't know the legal side BC but I know that he refused to take it. I don't think someone could foresee -- medication -- -- -- DOP -- medicated as a child. -- -- Do would be. To the -- -- have any idea. In going forward how something like this can be prevented how weekend. Stop. The intentions of people that we may not know I mean. Again I point to the fact that that it looked to me and to so many others that chin and Peter did everything they thought they could possible to prevent. Anything from happening either to Elliot himself or to others. I don't know I really haven't had that in depth conversation with them I think that working through that's I think it is conversations that are happening in -- -- trying to think. How. You know trying to. Trying to piece everything together I do you think one thing. Pudding conservationists say in the what I hear is. I think if if a child in floss is slightly different. And is troubled say. And it -- -- another parents. -- of that chiles and is concerned about the child's. This seems to be a stigma that you go forwards talk about another child -- -- the -- gets very protective of that child. I think Justin what I've experienced -- It is a mental health worldwide because I would never talk about America as an englishman -- they should do. But it I think has and maybe this part of the conversation I'm trying to stock hit -- has to be open conversation about. Mental issues and therefore we shouldn't be -- -- that we shouldn't be -- talk about it. Pro sells -- your friends -- friends friends it's very very important to do once the -- openly or able to debate that will be you know. But what can only help openness and communication. Is at least the start and I think. Boots. Petrie wrote to will be able to talk about and take take this solemn and hopefully. Described -- is to be. Someone who gave everything to their child. But in the end clearly -- enough. Another discussion and that has. Come up and has come up before in other tragedies like this one is the issue of gun control. -- the Rogers family have strong feelings about that issue. Or like in Salem it is it's. It will from politics culture. I didn't -- about guns in that house. And of that merely being discussed. -- the Scholl cost them -- -- talk about guns to -- talk about a passion for guns. The use of guns and he says it's not -- never brought -- guns in their life. -- Salute. That's a fact. I personally as an englishman think when -- these people come to America and start talking about gun control it's not appropriate. Uses. I'm privileged to physical country. I'm privileged that you have the English -- And I think it's this is America's debate -- -- -- it so it's not going to be something that they will. Talk about. And I understand this had to be particularly devastating that. Elliott used 5000 dollars money he received from his grandmothers and his parents to buying. Those guns and the ammunition. -- the closest the I I read that somewhere I didn't know if either confirm that or they had heard that. I hit a -- does not be brought -- One question for you going forward to the Rodgers have any plans -- even had time to think about. What they will do in terms of the other victims' families do they plan to meet win. The families of those victims. Yes they want to do that as -- -- account. That's very important and in -- timing on every level is imports and there for them when this. But yes that's is a priority. They salute you want to do it and one particular meeting is in crisis that. I can't even imagine preparing back. It must be the whole thing it is so real I mean I'm just the friends. Now I'm just to friends. -- com. I -- -- height if you told us me would you know someone who's the father of a mass murder -- I would say. A good -- I would ever come across that secondly. Would I have ever met one again I would just it's just such -- -- real world. And it gets closer to all of us. And it affects all of us. And the the weekend is -- the most shocking. Shocking. Time. The manifests as I say for all of us -- old affected by it. The big question every one wants to know. In these types of circumstances is why is there an answer in this tragedy. Well if there is an on -- those votes yet it's not so it's smoltz. Immediate and -- -- -- It's. Something that it's. We have to digest -- may be considered. But I tell you he -- He was an old -- Use different. He was removed as I say -- tree. In truth -- it's it's in a way painfully. He didn't fit into his skin. He hesitated. He -- certain quite shake when you -- him. He -- a tragic figure. And now what I talk about him. I talk about him knowing what he did. If the conversation happened last week I probably would have said the same things. But -- he's a different -- -- -- Those things. He is -- many ways. -- -- And that is an extraordinary thing to describe anyone that -- none. And especially extraordinary. And shocking when he was a hidden monster and no one. Thought he was capable. Of this type of violence. Exactly I mean that is what's very very scared. Is that yes as I say this and there was Lou all the T about it though -- witness. But no nothing. Enough -- about it nothing that gave away. That he was. You know angry -- -- -- I've -- kids they can get angry you know they can throw -- they could have tantrums. The very basic thing to say and then maybe that would have been highlighted so I remember him. Having a tantrum about this. Not. Really. Sort of like someone who come into room and you wouldn't know that -- notice he was he would he would he whistled of -- -- little old. -- he was he was the last. And to know that he was plotting this for three years all the while being quiet. And as he'd been described himself a gentleman. -- it's provoking I mean I really I feel. That's why think about a time -- met him on the street in. And he talked about right take and he told about the solitude. Told about the conflict the right -- -- if there will lose things that you that reflect back. -- didn't know what he was writing. I did not -- I absolutely didn't but what I do know which has said -- feel that he I do remember the clearly. -- tons that he -- -- away from me. So he wouldn't say that's important -- in in you know when he speaks someone and then also in the compensation fit. Finishes. There's always a sense of and overflowed the conversation you know you say -- -- that's a recognition when the conversation finished he return on two way he Wallace. The he returns -- wasn't as I say he was -- -- his. -- and I've ever seen in my life. Well I say I really appreciate your time Simon is there any thing that you wanted to have that I didn't ask about that was important to you were to the family. In there isn't really -- you've lost me thank you very much. And you I I just wanted to speak on that office that friends. Because there are unable to do so at the moment. And expressed. Deep deep grief. Thank you time and.

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{"duration":"27:04","description":"Author Simon Astaire says the alleged Santa Barbra shooter's parents are trying to come to terms with what has happened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23911466","title":"Family Friend Says Elliot Rodger's Parents 'Crippled With Grief'","url":"/GMA/video/santa-barbara-shooting-elliot-rodgers-family-friend-simon-23911466"}