Victims Struggle to Recover After Santa Barbara Shooting

Nick Pasichuke's legs were broken after the alleged shooter hit him with his car.
2:48 | 05/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Victims Struggle to Recover After Santa Barbara Shooting
We're going to get the latest, now, on the Santa Barbara shooting spree. New details this morning about the shooter's deadly plan and his victims. ABC's Cecilia Vega is at the hospital in Isla vista, California. Good morning. Reporter: All of the remaining patients in this hospital behind me will survive. We're learning about the killer's deadly plot. The parents, neighbors, they found out minutes before it happened. They tried to stop it. But it was too late. This morning, three people recovering in a Santa Barbara hospital. Among them, nick passachuk, was skateboarding when Elliot Rodger ran into him. 13 people injured in all, 6 kills, in a rampage that lasted ten minutes and was across HT one-square mile of this college plan. A plan come to life from a manifesto, that Rodger e-mailed to family, friends and mental health workers in the minutes before he opened fire. The killing spree started here in Rodger's apartment. Stabbed to death, his two roommates who had plans to move out. James CHAN won Hong and George Chen, who worked as a ymca counselor, and their visiting friend. Overnight, Chen's parents adding their name in chalk to a memorial outside the apartment complex. We don't want our kids to get hurt. It shouldn't happen to any family. Reporter: Rodger's next target, the alpha phi sorority. But they wouldn't let him in when he banged on the door. He shot three women, killing Katherine cooper, just days away from graduating with an art degree, and 19-year-older ha Veronica Weiss. And Chris Michaels did not make it out alive. We wanted to. But we can't. Nobody else has to go through this. Reporter: The minutes that followed, filled with carnage, after a gun fight with police. He finally crashed his BMW, apparently turning the gun on himself. The university of California Santa Barbara has declared today a day of mourning. Classes canceled. There will be a memorial at the school stadium today. This is a really tough day for the students out here, Lara. They should be celebrating their final few weeks of classes. So far sad to see. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Nick Pasichuke's legs were broken after the alleged shooter hit him with his car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23878747","title":"Victims Struggle to Recover After Santa Barbara Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/santa-barbara-shooting-victims-struggle-recover-23878747"}