Santa Discusses Macy's 'Believe Campaign'

Department store has collected over 175,000 letters for Santa, donating $1 to charity for each.
2:55 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Santa Discusses Macy's 'Believe Campaign'
we're getting into the holiday spirit. It's a special project all about making dreams come true. Carly joining us. Hi, carly. How are you? Good. Macy's has teamed up with make-a-wish, so your child's christmas list can benefit a kid in need. And I hit the streets of new york, to help. Are you ready to mail? About two weeks ago, macy's kicked off their fifth annual believe campaign right here on "good morning america." Collecting children's letters to santa claus, to benefit make-a-wish. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: I headed to trump ring to collect some santa letters myself. I need to fill this up with letters to santa. No better place in new york than down at the old ice skating rink. Want to write a letter to santa. What did you say to santa claus in your letters? I want a puppy. Reporter: You want a puppy? What if I told you, every time you send a letter to santa, it's going to help some kids who really, really need help. I can't get this. Reporter: I'll make sure. And I closed it, okay? Should we send these to santa now? Yeah. Reporter: Here's how it works, for each stamped letter to santa that's dropped off in a believe box at any macy's location across the country, macy's will donate $1 to make-a-wish. Up to $1 million. And I needed to make sure that these letters would make it straight to the north pole. Time to get these letters on their rightful way. Well, we happen to have a mailbox right here. We're going to find out how many letters we've collected. A drumroll, please. A whopping 177,825 letters. All going -- to this guy. To our very special guest, st. Nick, kriss kringle, or as we like to call him, santa claus. Santa, how are you? I'm wonderful. This is the most wonderful time of the year. You don't say? Absolutely. I understand that you are actually about to embark on a very special journey with all of these letters. Absolutely. It's something I love to do. We're hitting the road this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, FOR THE Macy's national santa tour, visiting 26 cities across the country. That's great. That, of course, means children all across the country will get a chance to enjoy christmas, as they should. Santa, I want to vouch for carly here, she's been a very, very good girl. I'm going to surprise you, Leave me a cookie, all right? Okay. Santa loves you. Santa loves you. And you, too, josh. That's great. We want to help the kids in need because they need it. For information, visit macy's belief campaign. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And giving santa a big hug.

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{"id":17777842,"title":"Santa Discusses Macy's 'Believe Campaign'","duration":"2:55","description":"Department store has collected over 175,000 letters for Santa, donating $1 to charity for each.","url":"/GMA/video/santa-claus-interview-macys-campaign-dontates-make-foundation-17777842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}