Santa Monica College Campus Shooting

Young man dressed in black, wearing ammo vest allegedly killed family before campus rampage.
2:34 | 06/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Santa Monica College Campus Shooting
California this morning trying to solve a mystery involving murder. And that a spree of random violence a young man dressed in black wearing an ammo -- accused of killing his family members and then shooting -- a college campus the big question. Why. ABC's John -- and on the scene in Santa Monica right now John good morning. Well -- -- good morning to you that campers are talking about here Santa Monica College is still shut down as well as many of the streets surrounding it students haven't been allowed to come back here and get their own belongings. That's because there's just so much evidence to collect authorities say in all. A total of nine different crime scenes. After this deadly Rampage. Overnight authorities confirmed the final -- -- five people. For victims and the shooter with one person in the hospital in critical condition after a wild nearly ten minute -- of. -- there Monica requesting an assistant -- -- your written down in under -- Police say this was not a school shooting instead started nearly a mile away from Santa Monica College that's where authorities got the call just before noon on Friday. About a house on fire and we found multiple victims it was clear that they were fatalities the two found dead inside reportedly the suspect's father and brother. Gunman was just getting started. He carjacked a woman at gunpoint sprayed bullets at nearby vehicles and into a books. It's a assault type rifle I don't wanna -- -- it's in our fifteenth but that is the style rifle -- this. Then -- the woman drive into the college campus -- war but says he saw the shooter. Instead they sent her clothes and hands over its dying on me and I realize -- the diehards John about the way she does that mean. And goes whizzing by my head -- witnesses say the gunman eight young male dressed in all black. Didn't say a word but appeared to shoot at innocent bystanders -- randomly. After killing a woman near the library that's when police say they encountered the suspect. -- into the library. Engaged officers in a firefight he was fatally wound later he was shot taken out of -- library -- here on the sidewalk. And the questions many now want to know what triggered this shooter and why did he come here to Santa Monica College -- authorities say at this point. They just don't have the answers to those questions but they -- are hoping to release the suspect's identity. At a press conference coming up later this morning Seattle so bizarre John and as you -- it is alarming every time we hear about it campus shooting in particular.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Young man dressed in black, wearing ammo vest allegedly killed family before campus rampage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19354339","title":"Santa Monica College Campus Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/santa-monica-college-campus-shooting-19354339"}