Santa Monica Shooting Surveillance Video

Footage shows the suspect armed with a rifle and people hiding from view.
2:43 | 06/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Santa Monica Shooting Surveillance Video
Brandi hitt reporting from south africa this morning. Now to santa monica this morning. People in a local restaurant ducking for cover as the bullets fly. Look at this. And here is the man everybody is hiding from. A shadowy figure armed with a rifle. The questions this morning, who is he and what set him off. Abc's john schriffen. We're learning new clues taking inside the mind of the killer. He would have turned 24 years old yesterday. According to the los angeles times, he suffered from mental problems and was angry about his parents' divorce. This time, a glimpse at the figure. The shooter you can't see on this video reeks havoc outside. The suspect entering the santa monica college library. Officers showing off this duffle bag they said held his ammunition. For at least two guns. She was in the library and somehow made it unharmed. Three girls ran into the library yelling that there is a shooter he has a gun, help, oh no. There were three consecutive shots, bing, bing, I'm just happy to be alive. Reporter: Police say the killer's ram page when a nearby house was engulfed in flames. As the gunman ran from the home, he carjacked a woman. He forced her to drive at gun point. Reporter: He shot a bus and this suv killing the driver. 68-year-old carlos franco and leaving the passenger franco's daughter in critical condition. Minutes later, the gunman arrived on campus. They stacked items found in the safe room against the door, hunkered down and avoided shots that were fired through the drywall at them as they were in that room. Reporter: Police encounsel terd the gunman, shooting him multiple times, killing him. Four victims and the shooter. One victim still in the hospital. The 26-year-old, unfortunately, she's not expected to make it. Later today, a vigil will be held to try to bring this community together. Despite that tragedy, it's chilling to think that carnage could have been worse. A strange mystery brewing in

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{"id":19358207,"title":"Santa Monica Shooting Surveillance Video","duration":"2:43","description":"Footage shows the suspect armed with a rifle and people hiding from view.","url":"/GMA/video/santa-monica-shooting-surveillance-video-19358207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}