Sara Moulton's Turkey Carving Tutorial

Carving tips, plus Amanda Freitag's stuffing recipe and Sunny Anderson's mini pumpkin pecan pies.
5:17 | 11/22/12

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Transcript for Sara Moulton's Turkey Carving Tutorial
tips and recipes to make your meal a special one today. We're going to start with josh and sara moulton at our turkey station. Kehe knives away from josh. Those who don't learn from history are destined t repeat it. Take a look at what happened one thanksgiving ago. I was trying to carve. And -- ow. Are you okay? I just want to -- sarina was worried. My boo-boo is healed. Daddy's boo-boo is healed. You hang out for a second. The most important thing to do is take out the wishbone. It's down here. You use the tip of your knife. You have to work down either side of the wishbone. And then, it comes out. You can take that for your children. And then, you want to take your knife down the crease. I've already done this. This is where -- I tried to make it real simple for you, okay? But you take it down there. And you pop it up. Then, you take off the whole breast. This is where I think you got into trouble. Okay. So, I've taken off the whole breast. Okay. Now, something new I learned. Let me show you quickly. People carve the turkey like this. That's with the grain. Wrong. You want to go against the grain. I work against the grain, sara. Pick your weapon. Wait a minute. Let me get you a fork. Okay. How are we doing? How is he doing? He's doing great. Here we go. Oh. That's a beautiful one. You can use the fork if you want. No? We're doing good. You did it. You got back on the horse. You know what's funny? I am way too excited about this. Thank you. Sara moulton, everybody. All right. And with the turkey, you need a fantastic stuffing. Here we are. We can get all of the tips on our website. We're going to make stuffing together. And you say the key is cornbread. And brioche or challa bread. I like a mix. You don't get the bready texture in there. I love to do a mix with it. Typical, saute your onions, your cele celery. I like to put the herbs in to get them going. What is this? That's sage. You can put the parsley in there, too. All of it? Absolutely. Lots of herbs. Too much? You can't. And sage to me, is totally thanksgiving. You know? Right? Don't we love it? Do I put a pinch? Just a pinch of salt. Normally, a lot of the chicken stock that we're using has some sodium in it. And what's great is you toast the bread a little bit. And moisten it in the liquid. It's so easy. So easy. Then, the bread just drinks up all of the moisture. The herbs and everything. How much bread do you want in here? Is it a lot? We're going to use it all. You'll see what happens. You know, you can make little individual serving. Which is adorable. How sweet. I love this. If you want to do mushrooms, can you throw it in there? Mushrooms, vegetables. I like to keep it vegetarians. I don't do pork in mine. And this is the finished product. Great. That's really good. I need to try it one more time. It's like thanksgiving. The meal is not over. Don't forget about dessert. Right? Saved for last. Sunny, tell us about the pies. These are great. It's good to make for traveling. All pantry items. I just made a pecan crust, out of pecans or pecans. Sugar, salt, flour, butter. Blitz it up. Put them into your minimuffin tin. Par bake it. If you're worried, par bake it. 350 for about 15 minutes. And then, I make the filling. This is a nice marriage between pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Right? The filling is pumpkin puree out of the can. Dark corn syrup, right there. Pecans all blitzed up. Sugar, some eggs. And what I do is I put it right into each of them. And then, you want to top it with half of a pecan right there, right on top. It goes back into the oven for just 15 more minutes. This is fast, easy, fool-proof. I'm not calling you a fool. I can break becpecans. It's great for a dinner party. It's great to travel. Great for gifts. It's good warm, cold. Sunny, amanda, sara, thank you so much. Look at that. Look what he did. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! To get all of these recipes.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Carving tips, plus Amanda Freitag's stuffing recipe and Sunny Anderson's mini pumpkin pecan pies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17786497","title":"Sara Moulton's Turkey Carving Tutorial","url":"/GMA/video/sara-moultons-turkey-carving-tutorial-17786497"}