'Scandal' Star Dishes on Playing the First Lady

Bellamy Young discusses working on one of TV's hottest dramas.
4:04 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for 'Scandal' Star Dishes on Playing the First Lady
What are you most excited about Huck's storyline in the finale? You can't say anything. Oh, I know. There is such a twist in this finale script that I think a character that people feel a certain way about, they're going to feel a completely different way about this person when they see the finale. I agree. That's not okay. Gladiators unite. The "Scandal" finale hours away. Bellamy young. The future junior senator from Virginia. Here's hoping. The twists and turns of the show have got to be even shocking for you guys at this point. Always. We don't know what is going to happen tonight. Shonda had a great idea recently. We'll be as surprised As you are. Is it true her last edit is the last draft? You're overshooting so you don't know? It's great. We shoot everything. She has this huge mosamosaic. She's a once in four generation story tell person earlier in the season, when Fitz was punches Jake because he thought he killed our son. It wasn't in the script. She was like, do we have footage of the island? That was her genius at 3:00 am in the editing room. The other thing she does that's shocking, she's not afraid to kill off characters we love. There has been some talk, I know y'all are laughing. We want to know. It's been said that Olivia's going the be devastated by what happens on tonight's finale and that it's -- nothing that we could ever guess will compare to what we see. It's unbelievable. Really? Yeah. Are we going to lose major mayor? There's a lot of loss. A lot of loss. A lot of loss. Olivia will be gutted. How about melly's relationship with Olivia. Is it calming? Oh, gosh. Well, you know, melly is in a good place. Fitz has been such a good partner to her lately. I wonder why he's so supportive of the senate race. Don't second-guess it. Can't you a girl a moment of happine happiness, Lara? I don't know. I don't is can. I think melly is happy that he's with her now. That makes her less worried about E live Ya. She can live ons for six months. You were originally written for just two or three episodes. Yeah. I was supposed to be there, a second. What was that? I want to stick around as long as she'll have me. Most of us can't imagine "Scandal" without melly and what you have given to the show. It's a family. The idea that Shonda will take one of you away. "Game of thrones" they changed everything. They did. Changing everything is what like to do. Not only can you act with the best of 'em, but girl, you can sing. Tell us about this. All my life, it's been my greatest solace. I lived here forever. Did broadbroadway. Musicals. This year, I got to do an album. Called far away, so close. What kind of songs is it? Covers. I did bryaned a I Adam. Tom Waite. Pure madness tonight. Thank you for bringing us "Scandal." You guys are such supporters. Thank you. We hope you love it. We will. Scandal, airing tonight. If you love good music,le Platten with a very special

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Bellamy Young discusses working on one of TV's hottest dramas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31040219","title":" 'Scandal' Star Dishes on Playing the First Lady","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-star-dishes-playing-lady-31040219"}