Scariest Halloween Movies of All Time

Film critic Peter Travers shares his top picks by categories of all the scary movies you'll ever want to see.
12:35 | 10/26/16

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Transcript for Scariest Halloween Movies of All Time
And moon. People that you guessed that I'm doing act for some reason it's because it's Halloween coming out. And we're doing eighth national Halloween KO. And by special I mean I'm going tell you want the best movie star to scared of the Jesus. You all have your favorites I know that. But this is mine little special gift you as the why you can watch Netflix. Dream or just do anything with. Could you may have forgotten them and some of them will be and so I'm gonna start with the most popular genre arm right now because there's. Months on these are everywhere the Walking Dead has come back for season seven. And we have to say why are favorites on the movies and why and whistled. Again. Anyway I know that my favorite this started it all to me is night and that's Jordan. It's light. I remembered it opening scene cemetery where that old man comes over says team to a blonde that's in trouble. Economy. It's scary always gets me. And George Romero did that. Followed that up with on. Which still is a green I laugh as well as scared. It is seen in Donnan did the most is when the zombies all go into a mall and go up and down ethically. And start feeling all the clothes that are cheap for them to buy there's just something so wonderful about commercialism. And then because they hate remake that got to say that Zack Snyder of all people you know people trying to basically stone him to death. Before Batman Superman but he Mimi. Jordan Romero don't. Great job. But on thing in the top zombie movie the 21 century is a movie called. 28 days later Danny Boyle who did so on knowing where they're directed it. These basically witness on the move like this blog on Monday. They knew how to move. This movie field gets me if one of the theories ever so there's my zombie thing. Vampires do I look ma'am partner today I tried very much to do this. Am I like that'll go see when he like Dracula or my Christopher Lee how's the Dracula I don't really now. But there's a movie that you don't known. That I want you to watch directed by Kathryn. Yes that Ackerman. Who won an Oscar for her first woman to win an Oscar for directing the four that she made a movie called New Year's all. Which is kind of west there. Virgin empire. It's sneaks up on you just knocks again. And then because I'm trying to bring the whole or are into the 21 century. There's a great movie called it the right one in where it's the little girl. He's with hundreds of New Year's. She meets this little boy and their friends contrast there you can now. So. I give you vampires. In the news on White House that we we have ghosts. Ghosts. Ghosts always meet poltergeist. Poultry that little girl looking into her pit at finding things Tobe Hooper. Who directed that movie with the help of Steven Spielberg. It's just need to go come out TV screen still gets me. And then who can forget the six cents. Where little him until. Kept running around he did people and the truth is he did. And movie with Bruce Willis and that was the last of the great performance can still give you details. And of course there's the ring. Which Naomi Watts was in when it was the American version but all of you Japanese horror fans note that the best one is called ring move. Oh. It. I want to say anything because if you gonna watch you party theme Naomi Watts to watch the Japanese version. And then for the new world we have a bunch of conjuring. Up conjuring one into which actually quite good if you want to see on that house. Amityville harm never liked him. But that conjuring do what we need to get. What else. We have the money figures trying to look to money that it can't really do it. Nightmare on elm street gives us for Kruger national this argument. Which one of the money we use this here. Ray Krueger always got me because he had flaky Edward scissor hands. And haunted your dreams. But then there all of us Halloween movies with Michael Myers and it with that was weird it's. Michael Myers Mike Myers when in a strange name but he had that math. And then we have a bunch of Friday the thirteenth movies which has Jason Ortiz only one worth watching the first one. Where Betsy Palmer played the mother. Jason Ward and that last scene between mother and son when he today. But I'd never seen a movie even more of the opposite mothers. In my entire. You. So there are some movie and a lot of people including my recent guests urine popcorn Norman Regis he's aren't walking. Norton what scares you he said. The only thing that really gets me home. I'm. Human and legal digging. We hear now from being that thing to know about all these men. It's only the first one. In all of these that really work if you're going to watch Halloween. Ninety cents. Return whoever it is you crave you wanna be scared stick with the originals. The classic car I wanna deal with a couple of scary movie you've never heard you just don't know that exists. There's one called frailty it's with Bill Paxton. And he basically telling his son's. Day demons are roaming the earth. And that day have to grow up and learned to kill. The main reason years you know anything I've ever seen in the movie Matthew McConaughey is in. If it can be lifted we're talking never heard of them because rail. Then there's a movie called black Christmas which is Mike Avery. Of all the raw art house our selves this is too great. Margot Kidder is head of the sorority house and if somebody on the phone always calling Anthony. Eighties the moon. Bat and he says to her friend this call must be free yeah. So there's laughs in it but it also really scare. And then there's a movie called don't look net. Which is with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie said and it's. In this tiny little woman thinks she's a woman running around in this in the red raincoat. It just thinking that it. And then if you want to test your doors you notice I'm not mention anything about torture porn cut hostel movies. Movie called salt one to report anything they do have permitted just moved to growth for me. But the one I'm mentioning its corn martyrs. And except to say. That this is that there TU if you can actually fit through all of Mars and not. Need some kind of bucket to throw up and you get an award for me you just find me some tell me watch that all. But if you really want to test yourself that the one. OK so now I'm just going to classics I'm going to say what are really. The best harmonies of all time that will still work and they'll still get. You know in 1999. There was a movie at Sundance I thought before the high it was called the Blair witch project. And at the time and said look at these these are. Two young people making a movie with no money in the middle of the woods and being able to scared. The problem with that is it's been ripped off remade so many times. That you probably forgot that it scared it's like movies like paranormal. Activities 1234. They don't get it all but the first player which did so I make that number ten. Number nine I'm gonna give it and because anybody that's ever seen in me knows Sigourney Weaver's face a lot ship. But nothing like that exploding stomach. That creature. Coming to it just gets. And then I wanna see the thing. Not the first one not the one that was me in 1950 but the John Carpenter version of this thing has this atmosphere. He said. Oh. Watch this and number 7 am picking silence of the lambs there's no actual grotesque monster or demon just serial he'll. I think that serial killer is played by the Oscar winning Anthony Hopkins and his name's Hannibal Lecter he still gets me. Every time just go watch that and you do it number six. Carry. Harry with Brian DePalma adapting Steve Kane and doing while on the job with. I don't wanna give away the end of that but there's a scene just one little moment it happened that the union work though. Even though I know it's come. Number five rows mayor's been with me even now she could act of god this was so great that she would comment. And that a double with going to possess surge he was gonna give birth. To the son of the death. Deal work still works. Now before. That work out for his insight. We feed it constantly we always look at that shower scene which RC it happens there's just Almonte. It couldn't count them meal when Janet Leigh drives up. Amazing piece of work number three the Texans changed storm. I know its growth I know it's all that everybody keeps trying. To remake that movie and get the same thing. You just never want to be. Left are registered drug never picked up by these people you never want is to you chainsaw again because it's. Care. Number two the shine here great director Stanley Hubert. Funny because I've got to Stephen King couldn't carry in the shining but they just work just watching. Jack Nicholson in the shining wandering around that maids taking it was aboard. That's what terror it. And number one number one is the exits this the exorcist because maybe I constantly you this myself. And there are days right to possess. And luckily guest on popcorn. Haven't seen me on that date yet but it happened today show that. The exorcist. Get me everywhere in Natchez because the Reagan characters' heads Ingraham and that we keep threatening her mother but the way it hawks and takes the voices of other people. It's as if you there's. Scary scary scary so look that's it. If you've got things that you think will scare me never mentioned and I don't believe you. You can find me in and just dot com man behind me and tell me what they are. And if you're watching some of these movies that you've never seen that you know too because we want to keep a game. It. It's. Now up. Oh.

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