Scarlett Johansson opens up about 'Ghost in the Shell'

The actress discusses what it was like to play both woman and machine in her new film.
4:03 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Scarlett Johansson opens up about 'Ghost in the Shell'
the anticipated movie "Ghost in the shell" and she's opening up about motherhood and her possible second act off screen. We recently sat down to talk about it all. Take a look. This is major. Reporter: Major star, major action. Scarlett Johansson is major. Her character in "Ghost in the shell," based on the Japanese animated classic about a cyberenhanced crime fighter with no human organs except the brain. We saved you and now you save others. Reporter: When I watched this movie all I could think about thank goodness for you. You are always kicking butt and saving the world. Somebody's got to. How much did other roles like Lucy or the avengers help you. Totally. I can pick up fight choreography with much more ease than I could ten years ago. I tried to train in self-defense on my own. I can tell. I'm scared of you. I saw you and I'm like don't mess with her. She'll take you out of the a lot of people when they first announced you would take this part there were some people that took offense and said, it's an Asian story. Should go to an Asian actress. What are your thoughts. I think this character is living a very unique experience in that she is a human brain in an entirely machiny body. She's essentially identifiless. I wouldn't attempt to play a person of a different race obviously. Hopefully any question that comes up of my casting will hopefully be answered by audiences when they see the film. I ask you to support all women and our fight for equality in all things. Audiences are also seeing a passionate and empowered Scarlett off screen. I'm not afraid to say what I feel is right just because I think that I'm going to face criticism or some people might not like me. I mean, you know, if fighting, you know, for women's rights, if that's going to, you know, mean that some people don't want to buy a ticket to see "Ghost in the shell," then I'm okay with that. You mentioned that you would possibly one day run for office. I've always been interested in local politics. Right now I think, you know, with my young daughter and also as my career is going right now there's just -- there's -- it's not the right time but eventually, you know, maybe if I -- if when my daughter was older and I could totally focus myself I think it would be interesting. Having a kid is like politic, negotiates quite a bit. You'll get a lot of practice with your daughter in already I do. Do you want this one or this one? These are your only choices. Do a deep dive. Major does the deep dive. Remember the deep dive. Oh, yes, I remember the deep dive. Body suit. How would I look in a body suit by the way. Fabulous. Thank you. Can you do a deep dive and tell me about avengers infinity -- I think fans will be surprised at the state of us all. The avengers are not quite as you last remembered them. If you thought that like avengers was crazy the idea of how do all these pieces fit together. It's taken to the neck level out of control. For you to play this character to be in this movie did you find out anything about yourself that maybe you didn't know before. I definitely came out of there like I was a little traumatized at the end of this film just because it was so much work and it was like kind of a dark head space to live in but I myself I actually, you know, I was kind of like, okay, I did that. Like I'm hanging in. I'm resilient. I'm back to myself. I was happy to find myself at the end of "Ghost in the shell." And "Ghost in the shell" hits theaters nationwide on Friday. And go see Scarlett Johansson in

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The actress discusses what it was like to play both woman and machine in her new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46410427","title":"Scarlett Johansson opens up about 'Ghost in the Shell'","url":"/GMA/video/scarlett-johansson-opens-ghost-shell-46410427"}