Scarlett Johansson Appears in Bubbly Super Bowl Ad

The star will appear in a hot new commercial for a do-it-yourself soda company during the big game.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Scarlett Johansson Appears in Bubbly Super Bowl Ad
you know what that sound means as we count down to football's big day, with our big game adstravaganza. Scarlett johansson, you might say, putting -- yeah. See what I was forced to do there. No, you have the story and sat down with her. Two words for you, girl crush. She is incredible. Scarlett johansson is generating a lot of buzz for her latest role but you won't see it at a movie theater. Turns out she's a huge fan of sodastream, the at-home soda maker. So much chichi agreed to be the new face of the company when it premieres its much anticipated super bowl ad. ♪ we've seen her sparkling on the covers of dozens of magazines and on screen in blockbusters like "the ageneralers." But now scarlett johansson is bubbling into a new starring role as spokesperson for sodastream, the at-home sodamaker. Her first commercial premiering during a little show called -- this is airing during the super bowl. As you know will you be tuning in. I haven't understood the rules of football up until a couple of years ago when finally somebody sat me down and they were like, okay, we're going to explain it to you. Why are they all running -- victim right. They're all running after it at the same time. There are no rules. Reporter: The new ad is still top secret but in this sneak peek behind the scenes we see the superst. Agatha only wearing a bathrobe so we know drinking soda is going to look pretty good. When you were a kid you weren't able to book commercials because of your voice. It's funny. I could never book anything because of my voice as a kid as far as commercials went because I didn't have that bubbly kid voice that sells, you know, products and toys. Reporter: These days, of course, johansson's voice is world famous. It even has a starring role of its own as the voice that joaquin phoenix falls in love with in "her." Hello, I'm here. Hi. Hi. I'm samantha. Reporter: Off screen her real life love interest is french journalist roman. You're spending a lot of your time in france newly engaged. Congratulations. You're planning a wedding. How is the planning going. I'm not doing any wedding planning. No wedding planning. No, that's far off my line right now. But I'm planning "avengers 2." Can you tell us about it. What can I tell you? There's avengers in this. That's about it. I'm still planning on many coming back as the black widow. And speaking russian. There you go. So -- okay. A special place in my heart. The russians love natasha. I felt special when I was there. See, guys, I got the whole audience in the palm of my hand. It won't be out for another year but fans can drink in her latest work on super bowl sunday and watch the super bowl because there's a commercial you should watch. I'll be in the kitchen with hot dogs. Perfect. Yet another reason to tune in to the commercials and, lara, we were just talking about her role in "her" getting a lots of oscar buzz nominated for an oscar. She'll be the first nominated who is not in the movie, her voice is. Soothing. And sexy, if I can say that on television. I think when you said girl crush -- you knew where I was going. You crossed that one a long

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{"id":21540269,"title":"Scarlett Johansson Appears in Bubbly Super Bowl Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"The star will appear in a hot new commercial for a do-it-yourself soda company during the big game.","url":"/GMA/video/scarlett-johanssons-bubbly-super-bowl-ad-21540269","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}