Behind the Scenes of 'Iron Chef'

"GMA's" Josh Elliott was invited inside the kitchen stadium as a guest judge.
3:10 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes of 'Iron Chef'
to you by nescafe. Stepping in for josh. He left behind his chance at foodie stardom. Invited to be a guest at "iron chef america" where some of the greatest chefs face off. "Iron chef america." "Iron chef america." Based on the japanese cult sensation, where world-class chefs go head-to-head, with the legendary iron chefs. This -- this is kitchen stadium, where for an hour each week, they battle it out. Today is one of my luckiest. I've been invited to kitchen stadium as a guest judge. They're paired up, two chefs versus two chefs. Against a couple of young bucks, marcel and spike. Whatever's about to happen, is going to happen now. Jeff mendelson. You're on. Thank you for joining us today. Chairman, do you mind? Please. We can check the bucket list. Kitchen stadium. It's better than I thought. Audience, are you ready? Fellow judges, are you ready? Yes, ready. You guys were born ready. In the other words of his uncle, let's go. Finally, the chairman regains control from that interloper. And with his signature gesture -- the chefs are off. And away we go. Today, my judging partners are celebrated restauranteur DONATELLA AND audra McDonald. The kipickle at the bottom of the dish is an interesting note. It's not overwhelming. The drink is the great equalizer. The set, mind you, looks a whole lot more like a spaceship than a kitchen. I wish this tv was scratch and sniff. You should smell what it's like in here. Delicious. The two teams will each prepare five dishes over the course of an hour. Today, it's a halloween show. So, the theme, scary combinations. These are scary combinations because they don't belong on the same plate, ever. Ever. Bone marrow and fruit candy. I'm scared. I was terrified of the marrow. Well done, fellas. Yes. Well done. The hour flies buy. And it's an incredibly close tin finish. The food they make, is remarkable. The judges have spoken. One more thing -- so much fun with that. And the special episode airs this saturday on the food network.

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{"id":20667900,"title":"Behind the Scenes of 'Iron Chef'","duration":"3:10","description":"\"GMA's\" Josh Elliott was invited inside the kitchen stadium as a guest judge.","url":"/GMA/video/scenes-iron-chef-20667900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}