Old School Barber Shop Resurgence

Adam Reyes of "Virile Barber & Shop" demonstrates the trendy, turn-of-the-century pampering style.
5:07 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Old School Barber Shop Resurgence
So finally on this show you know. We do a lot of segments are -- yes -- you know we got nails but make upon the -- -- the stuff that's all over Google. But now we gotta do inside the neurosurgeons and old school barber shops across the country and they're giving a modern update on traditional grooving in style so we've got -- -- is over here with. Guys from virile barber shops -- no you haven't -- The -- that the big -- we gotta go and all that guys we know in the terribly. But nothing. So little time -- they in his view Islam so. The uproar they're saying at this such a nice gift for -- into the the panicked residents -- and it resolutely it definitely is I mean. Any any guy comes in -- often the chaired the greeted with smiled a whiskey beer and get the hang out and just decompress. It sounds like heaven heaven and that that except my fiance. Why don't you do that somebody was telling him -- -- -- and he's talking to her fifth was not -- right you know so long as they have done right right exactly. You know we have that we ask anybody's -- -- -- towel -- have at least three to four days worth of -- -- on the common. And it really is pleasurable experience in two passes with straight razor stimulants massage hot towels it's really relax and the only time the wall it will hurt is that if you don't use the towels to really prepare your face and stuff like that's about what you have to do the precisely yet but he this team really -- -- -- of the -- -- here is the same density and with this copper wire. So that -- really. You know gets -- nice and soft so that we can cut her. -- -- So that they knew Carson got his guys played I loved the chairs thank you -- if they're pretty old so we'll listen what 1850 one's 18958. This chair they're actually kind of an order this one was the first hydraulic pump chair of its kind this model. And then this -- -- mechanical from 1891. And then this -- over here is from 1901. We'll -- -- hair had met a baby -- right there yeah. Hello. An effective agreement yeah problem. But the -- culturally there yeah rational plan their tomorrow morning in. Com yet so we're we're dissident -- -- New Jersey and downtown Jersey City -- -- -- out of the way you're not as a real and demonstrate some of these -- So -- this would be the first fast you. Had -- -- appreciate applied hot towel and now applying the -- second go all the way to that length and he's got quite yeah absolutely you know. We took him by the time it gets and he's originally from -- been you know world. Could pick them tremors. Good shape but that the Bentley we usually the longer the better now now looks great pianist and certainly it -- do you think it is it go away for awhile and then. You know why there's definitely. I think. It depends on the -- you know for awhile there it is you know salons guys that we had to get trendy haircuts guessing you. Some -- might have gotten complacent in the craft and kept -- with the trends spot on now it's definitely in the resurgence is pretty strong unit. There's been doing all right there's a lot of -- and barbershop scene of pompano all of the nation's. It's it's -- to be part of it. You know my grandfather was -- -- there and he did feasible to unite his barbershop and in Miami it was like Federer who is old school he only would charge five bucks per -- by the -- sales through -- schools did an innocent let's -- -- -- different slain teammate he said -- -- the first wife and then numb and then after that. And then move on to doing the second -- which you know -- re apply appreciate. And it's club in hot towel. And then and an -- there yesterday and -- down there so. Someone they do that they can apply another warm towel. Get all the chief cream and everything off the had a nightmare -- Had previously. -- -- -- commitment -- going on here so we have -- that shape bomb and they get good stimulants massage could face to size me really get a man. It does everything else must realize that -- -- need to save. -- now. But I can handle the rest of it not cool so vocal training and where we find you my time this -- -- -- with New Jersey and -- Hand and that's to thirty counting and then in downtown Jersey City. So read up some of them. -- -- -- -- And regrets because the other new line of products -- right yes absolutely we're going to be launching an August -- -- -- heritage so it's a big step for us in. I started out. Making products in my shop and -- -- when I first opened up. -- that many clients and had a lot of free time -- So we'll have an Afghan experiment didn't it was fun and we just stick it to the next level and -- trying to really reach out it is a lot more people you know and have bureau. In their homes so that they can get that barbershop quality experience. Also wanted to go there just to get your fashion advice Aaliyah. Look at applied here. You don't want it and then I have parents let --

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{"id":23911710,"title":"Old School Barber Shop Resurgence","duration":"5:07","description":"Adam Reyes of \"Virile Barber & Shop\" demonstrates the trendy, turn-of-the-century pampering style.","url":"/GMA/video/school-barber-shop-resurgence-23911710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}