Scorpion Venom Treatment May Offer False Hope to Cancer Patients

Dr. Arthur Mikaelian produces drug Escozine whose sole active ingredient is blue scorpion venom.
7:45 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Scorpion Venom Treatment May Offer False Hope to Cancer Patients
Turn on the -- -- see -- hear them. -- my best to most of us these scorpions and as Condit in the jungle -- days. -- of nine games this includes but now there are also being shouted it's the stuff of salvation. Everything from battling an autoimmune diseases to enhancing your own love life and the most extraordinary claim -- -- A new weapon in the fight against cancer. And this whole active ingredient is skewering get our feet -- -- impacting the scorpion stinger but I so hope people anyway. Russian emigres doctor -- -- -- -- this company -- life may be controversial claim that. Chemicals the venom that causes paralysis in -- -- targets and kills cancer cells and then they managed to harness that. To a drug. Are you convinced. That this fights cancer more than it's a -- -- By the FDA -- available for sale in US for 700 dollars a bottle. A substance that thousands of desperate people many of them Americans are literally getting their lives. -- Hal grandmother from Texas is one of those people. I have absolutely no doubt that -- hasn't saved my life in 2011. -- was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She says doctors told her and her husband Larry she had just two months to live -- what I -- for a funeral. As a last ditch effort -- he started taking -- disease. Within six months it was gone there was absolutely no more cancer left -- scorpion venom really conquer her cancer. Where is this just the latest miracle remedy separating desperate people from their money. We decided to find out more. More about this supposed to be wonderful -- ourselves. But getting close to the source that -- it's no simple things. Because that's using doesn't come from just any -- -- the venerable blue scorpions belt only Cuba and -- here the remote mountains. From the Dominican Republic. Promote love them lush forests carpet -- -- on the ground in. -- -- Prickly reality as we hiked to the reservation we were greeted by young villagers didn't just came up to a new -- this I guess salt shaker an inside. Three scorpions all right don't try this at home and the boys so we used to handling these creatures. Offer -- -- hands on tutorial current scorpion Wrangler. He scorpion Mecca complete with 83 the ocean re going residents do not you do it. There's one turnover a stone or -- into a bamboo segment in there they are. There are quite -- and steers more than mysterious. Caylee and and his partner Sebastian several lots swear as casino. Is downright miraculous story. If something goes up to name be frightening to think of it kills 95 to 98% of the cancer cells -- -- increasing political -- some cases yes. Pretty big claim. In addition to attacking cancer cells. -- says scorpion venom might also combat autoimmune diseases everything from HIV. Hepatitis. The company claims it can even help with that her. Male potency. -- farmer spends billions of dollars on research and development how come they haven't. Found you know the magic scorpion cure and you had usually become a company's. You don't -- quick natural component. Because -- you can't patent natural product. Excusing isn't the first natural remedy purported to cure diseases while some had turned out to have significant additional value. Most have been resoundingly debunked by science think -- -- -- award and of course the proverbial snake oil. When you tell people that. This medicine is going to help them possibly -- cure cancer. We have no reservations doing it. Who is giving them false hope we never use -- cancer. But that's the subtext helps your body use its natural ability to cure cancer people only see -- -- canceled by cancer. Eating vegetables though can help you fight -- Cancer Italy is the -- -- but that is what. The subtext is -- in this drug. The subtext as we every -- -- -- who want help with the maximum ability that this this medicine and can possibly help. Next up this modest rented -- in the capital Santo Domingo that a -- extracts -- dad when he. Talking -- varieties that's right they wanted me to milk a scorpion we're going to be friends are just gonna -- yet. And I want -- -- him. This is not as easy as it looks -- -- the scorpions are unheard is five to seven drops of the venom extracted from them every month. Only a tiny amount is inserted into these bottles. Each of which goes for about 700 dollars the bottles -- then sold on the Internet and then shipped to patients like -- Count the -- -- literally get in my life back. You -- I've got to see my granddaughter born. And I wouldn't be here at all that the war breast Z. Thank -- was so convinced -- is -- saved her life. She heady scorpio tattooed on her ankle but none of the medical files page he provided us seem to show the -- losing Huber. Doctor -- -- infield as the deputy medical director of the American Cancer Society. He says he's seen too many claims like this that turned out not to work cancer page. -- have -- -- to deal with. I have to deal with -- who -- unverifiable undocumented hope. Is burden that no one should have to bear. Doctor Lincoln field skepticism wasn't the only thing that gave us pawns. Right there on its website it says -- -- is a natural medicine approved and certified for uncle logical treatments. Of course it's not until you click on that link that you learn -- as -- received this approval. Only in the Dominican Republic. Are you proved in any other countries to make these claims. -- also -- stood in Russia. Bella reduce 'cause it's done Vietnam. When we alerted -- like that its web site may violate FDA regulations against marketing drugs on the web without FDA approval. The company conceded it was rapidly making changes to the site but there was another much more important issue. -- -- could not produce a single peer reviewed study showing it works. Even the 8300 person clinical trial they presented to its turns out the results of that trial are not acceptable. By American standards of sites. It's one reason the doctors we spoke with say they warn -- to be wary of unproven remedies. Doctor McKinney acknowledges the drug needs significantly more testing. Before meadow -- can even apply for FDA approval think this is seen shake -- up. But -- says she doesn't have the time to wait her cancer is now back. And after a hiatus from the drug she's putting her faith in the bedroom of scorpions once again. Hoping he could see her life for Nightline I'm Matt -- in the Dominican Republic.

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{"id":20787811,"title":"Scorpion Venom Treatment May Offer False Hope to Cancer Patients","duration":"7:45","description":"Dr. Arthur Mikaelian produces drug Escozine whose sole active ingredient is blue scorpion venom.","url":"/GMA/video/scorpion-venom-treatment-offer-false-hope-cancer-patients-20787811","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}