Sean Spicer says Trump was 'very supportive' of Emmy cameo

The former White House press secretary speaks to ABC News about his surprise appearance at the Hollywood awards show and whether he lied to the American people during his tenure.
6:16 | 09/21/17

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Transcript for Sean Spicer says Trump was 'very supportive' of Emmy cameo
with Sean spicer. Paula Faris is here and interviewed the former white house press secretary coming off that controversial appearance at the emmys and had a lot to talk to him about. Good morning, everyone. Sean spicer has been off the job for less than a month. He's now keeping himself busy on the speaker circuit and most recently a cameo at the emmys which caught the eye of his former boss. Sean, do you know? This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmy, period. Have you spoken with the president about your cameo? I have. And what did he say? He was very supportive. He thought I did a great job. And so it was very reassuring. Some argue the reason you did it is because this is step one this trying to rehab your image. I feel very good with my image. I'm very happy with self. I am able to go out and ex-practice Ina lot of things. I'm not on a tour but out having fun in it may be fun for spicer but not his critics. People have hard feelings toward you and feel you lied to the American people. Have you ever lied to the American people. I don't think so. You don't think so. No, I don't cleat on my tacks. Unequivocally you can say no. Again, you want to find something -- I have not knowing done anything to do that, no. Any regrets about the combative relationship with the press corps? I'm sorry, please stop shaking your head again. I mean that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. I'm done. This is silly. Okay, next. Look, I made mistakes. There's no question. Some of them I tried to own very publicly. And in some cases there were things that I did that until someone brought it up I said, gosh, I didn't realize that was a mistake, I'm sorry about that. But to watch some of the personal attacks questioning what my intentions were I think were really over the top? We pressed spicer on some of his most controversial moments like the inaugural crowd size. This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. He says his delivery could have been better but makes no apologies for doing his job. The photographic evidence was contradictory. I think it might have been better to be a lot more specific with what we were talking about in terms of the universe and not focused so much on photographic evidence et cetera so, yes, from that standpoint I think I could have probably had more facts at hand and been more articulate in describing, you know, the entirety of what that day was about. When president trump fired then FBI director James Comey, there were contradictory stories as to why he was dismissed. The deputy attorney general determined that the FBI director lost his confidence. I was going to fire regardless. Reporter: Once you learned the truth behind what was going on why didn'ou set the record straight? You don't feel you have an obligation as press secretary to set the record straight. He set it straight. My job is help give voice to what his thinking is when he can't do it himself. Did the president ever ask you to lie. No. The travel ban, you said that it wasn't a travel ban. President trump, as you know, tweeted this is a travel ban no matter what anybody ever says. Why didn't you correct. I definitely say I wish we had been more consistent in terms of the terms we would use and goals we were trying to achieve. You would like a do-over on that. I'll take a mulligan on that. If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight somehow that's a Russian connection. The Russian interest plaguing the presidency. Has the Mueller team reached out -- I'm not going to discuss that issue at all. Have you hired a lawyer. I'm not going to discuss. You haven't been subpoenaed. I'm not going to discuss. Did you ever hear that Mueller should be fired. I'm not going to discuss that ash at all. If you are approached will you testify. The white house has been very clear they'll be as cooperative as possible. You're not under the auspices of the white house anymore. I understand that but I would do anything that there's an issue of executive privilege and as long as that's not invoked I will do everything to further to do my part to further this investigation coming to a swift conclusion. There is a report that the big networks won't hire you because of a, quote, lack of credibility. Is that true? We are still in negotiating with some entities and I also believe that I'm not going to get into some of the private discussions that we are having with those and other companies and outlets. Do you think you have a credible issue, Sean. I don't. But it's up to other people's judgment of that. Perhaps the most infamous press secretary of moderns he is now a celebrity in his own right. But to some of his detractors there is still unfinished business. So many Americans feel they deserve an apology from Sean spicer. Are they ever going to get one? I think that there are things that I did during my time there that I needed to go out and correct. I did that. Where there were mistakes that were made that I got something wrong, I think I've owned that. I know that there are some folks that no matter what we say or do, they were never going -- some folks in the media wanted -- never think that everything we did was wrong and want some blanket apology. That's not happening. Spicer tells us Anthony scaramucci was the impetus for him leaving and the president asked him to return to the white house it would be difficult for the president to say no but he doesn't anticipate that call. As for his immediate future you might see him on a reality TV show, George. He says he's been presented several opportunities and is weighing his options right now. You could see his demeanor change when you asked about the Mueller investigation. There is a report on a website, Mike Allen, the reporter, who says spicer kept notebook after notebook during his time at the white house and likely to be a matter of interest with Mueller and threatened Mike ail ensay I'll go after you if you keep questioning me. He clearly doesn't want to go there right now, George. Okay. Paula Faris, thanks very much. I think it was telling when you flat out asked him have you ever lied, seems to be like a yes or no response and we didn't get a yes or no response. We certainly didn't.

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{"id":49998401,"title":"Sean Spicer says Trump was 'very supportive' of Emmy cameo","duration":"6:16","description":"The former White House press secretary speaks to ABC News about his surprise appearance at the Hollywood awards show and whether he lied to the American people during his tenure.","url":"/GMA/video/sean-spicer-trump-supportive-emmys-cameo-49998401","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}