Finding Marathon Bomber Could Take Months

Presidential advisor and former counter-terrorism official Dick Clarke discusses the bombing.
2:20 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Finding Marathon Bomber Could Take Months
Bring in Richard Clarke now the head of counterterrorism for presidents Clinton and bush and on ABC news consultant Richard you were there for Waco you're there for Oklahoma City. How much how much are would you be paying attention to these -- right now. We'll look very mature. I think we can't read anything into the -- The only thing we can tell is that this could have been done by a lone individual just physically looking at the attack it could have been. That's about all we can really say it doesn't mean it was a lone individual. I think we can also say that we now have a risk of copycat. Killers using the same technique. Going on the Internet making a bomb this is a very small -- easily made putting it in a trash bin at an event. You know at the inauguration we -- we see the police coming in taking the trash -- off Pennsylvania Avenue. Prior to the parade Boston didn't do that apparently yesterday because there was no threat information. Are -- -- build off peacefully for years I used to go -- it -- a kid. In fact with the poor boy that died was from the neighborhood I grew up -- this is all very personal. For a lot of us. But I think for now the only thing we can say is -- will either break quickly. As in the World Trade Center attack in 1993. Or it could take months of forensic work has in the TWA 800 crash. It may take a long time for the FBI to put the video -- together from so many cameras. And -- one of the perplexing things here as you pointed out no real chatter. Before the attack and not much after either. Well not -- up to the window view you can be sure George that the National Security Agency is going through all sorts of phone calls. In the Boston area at 24 locations they're also going to be looking for phone calls made at the exact times of the -- going off. To see if the bombs were triggered by calls to cellphones. That's their expertise. The FBI's expertise is putting together lots of little pieces. Little tiny pieces of bombs and that's what they're going to start doing today. Painstaking work ahead Richard Clarke. Thanks very much.

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{"id":18966791,"title":"Finding Marathon Bomber Could Take Months","duration":"2:20","description":"Presidential advisor and former counter-terrorism official Dick Clarke discusses the bombing.","url":"/GMA/video/search-boston-marathon-bomber-months-18966791","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}