This season's top-rated kid-tested toys

Parenting expert Ericka Souter shares some of the top kid-approved toys that make perfect holiday gifts this year.
3:00 | 11/24/17

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Transcript for This season's top-rated kid-tested toys
audience being here on this busy Black Friday. Somebody is crying over there. Because bargain hunting can be so sad. It can be frustrating. It can. Again, that baby is going to help drool test some of these toys for us in a moment. Speaking of that a look at some gifts for little ones you might want to add to your list. If you're not sure what to buy your children we have you covered so come on over. Our sponsor Walmart put a couple of experts to the test. A group of our own experts in times square. You guys are doing a great job. Along with parenting expert Ericka souter, the editor of and mom of this little one just crying. How are you doing, beautiful? This is Aidan. Aidan so let's start right here. Aidan, well, first of all, what should we look for for a toy in our kids? You want to look for something age appropriate, of course and you want to find something to teach them the a, B, Cs or keep them occupied for hours and have a goal in mind when shopping. Aidan loves this first too many the zoom'n crawl monster. You can either sit or when they start crawling it can move around and follow it and crawl with it. Parents love it because there's longevity there. Two stages, that's sitting and crawling and it's just a really fun toy. Here's paw patrol. ??? Paw patrol paw patrol be there on the double ??? right? Every parent has that jingle in their head. The life-size lookout tower. It is life size and really fun. Nothing kids like better than bringing their favorite characters to life and this does that. Lots of bells and whistles and play with. A slide, there's the real sounds from the show. So kids really love it. It keeps them occupied for hours and -- Aidan is tracking his momma by the way. I know. This is doc mcstuffins, baby all in one nursery. Yes, doc mcstuffins is such a great toy. If you have one in your house she will go crazy. It's got so many fun things. It's got this for the baby. The scale, a stethoscope. Heartbeat sounds. Real like -- I want to play with this. Parents say the unintended effect/benefit it makes their kids more comfortable with going to the pediatrician's office. It's just a really great one. You can pick up Aidan if you want. I am going to pick up Aidan. Love you little boy. I thought I heard something. Remote controlled cars and this one is the tumble bee from newbright. Kid, all kids love remote controlled cars and this is cool because of all the stunts it can do. Spins and crash it into something and parents say when they bought two and kids can race, that was even better. 180 over and over. I'm getting a little dizzy. Last but not least older son on the huffy green machine. Can you show us -- This is Caleb on the huffy green machine. So we have -- we played on this yesterday and -- whoo, be careful. Battery powered so there are lots of amazing tricks you can do including 180-degree spins and it took him a minute to figure out how to spin it. He loved it and so much fun and grown-ups can fit on it and holds up to 180 pounds, something the whole family can enjoy. Caleb, you give it a thumbs up? Buddy, do you like it? Kiddos, do you like it? You did a great job.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Parenting expert Ericka Souter shares some of the top kid-approved toys that make perfect holiday gifts this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51352367","title":"This season's top-rated kid-tested toys","url":"/GMA/video/seasons-top-rated-kid-tested-toys-51352367"}