Dad Stands by Twins Who Allegedly Plotted to Kill Him

Joshua and Caleb Bledsoe are behind bars after police say they tried to kill their father.
4:01 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Dad Stands by Twins Who Allegedly Plotted to Kill Him
Let's get right to the twin brothers in washington state charged with attempting to murder their father by setting fire to his house while he was sleeping. The stunning twist. Their father is standing by them, even though they allegedly confessed. Aditi roy has the story. Reporter: Twin brothers joshua and caleb used to live and work with their father. This morning, the 25-year-olds are behind bars, accused of trying to burn him alive. It hurts my heart. It hurts me as a person. Reporter: This charred portion of the home is where they allegedly set fire to their father, bill's bedroom wile he was sleeping. Bill believes his sons are innocent. My boys are my boys. And I'll never abandon them or not support them. Reporter: According to newly released court documents, the brothers allegedly told police they whose to set three fires so the crime would look like an accident. They say when bill tried to get out of his bedroom, joshua was holding the door closed. That's what they told me. But I have a hard time believing that. Reporter: In the court documents, investigators suggest a motive. The twins allegedly told investigators their father was quote difficult to live with and work for, which was a factor in why they wanted to kill him. I'm probably not the easiest guy to live with. I'm probably not the easiest ga to work for. I couldn't believe it. Reporter: She has known the brothers since kindergarten. She remembers joshua getting angry. Never violent. Nothing serious. To where, like, extreme measures had to be taken. I can't picture him being that violent, as far as wanting to hurt anyone. Reporter: Police stay brothers did get violent. This morning, they're each being held on $1 million bail waiting for arraignment the. They have not entered a plea. We're going to bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. Father standing by the sons. Not necessarily saying they're innocent. He's saying, time guy that they're trying to kill. How can this help them? It's not going to get them a not guilty verdict. It could help them get a deal. Prosecutors could decide, the father's on their side, the last thing we need is the most important witness in connection with this case effectively trying to help the two people on trial. And number two, it could help with the sentence. The father could say, look, I'm the victim here. I'm asking for lean yens here. I'm asking for less time. Those are the ways this support could help. These are major charges. You're talking about technically, the possibility of over 20 years each. Practically, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, the possibility of 10 to 15 years behind bars for each of them. That's why the father becomes so crucial in the equation. A lot of people say, what if the father doesn't press charges? They don't understand that that's not how it goes. That's right. Even if the father goes to the authorities and says, please don't. I don't want you to move forward with the case. The authorities will say, look, we're sorry. We have to. A crime is committed. This is the state of washington against these two men. Not the father. That would be a sil case. In connection with the criminal case, it's the authorities deciding whether to move forward. Even if the dad comes to them and says, please don't do it, in connection with a case like this, this kind of crime, they have to. The father said, I'm their father. I'm not their vick kim ttim in this case. Now to rihanna and the selfies from thailand that

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{"id":20341941,"title":"Dad Stands by Twins Who Allegedly Plotted to Kill Him","duration":"4:01","description":"Joshua and Caleb Bledsoe are behind bars after police say they tried to kill their father.","url":"/GMA/video/seattle-twins-joshua-caleb-bledsoe-allegedly-plot-kill-20341941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}