SeaWorld's Rescued Animals Visit 'GMA'

Sam Champion introduces rescued bald eagles and sea otters to kick off new "Sea Rescue" season.
3:29 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for SeaWorld's Rescued Animals Visit 'GMA'
Come on in. I want you to meet angie. And season three of "sea rescue," with the good folks at seaworld. 86 million americans have watched "sea rescue. And rescued 22 million animals in 15 years. This is one of my favorites. I have to tell you, we have to feed peanut here. Here's peanut's great story. She -- this is a she. Orphan animals are our most endearing cases. This is our first beaver. But we rescued 22,000 animals. She gets thrown by the glass. I actually got a chance -- they can. And the coat is beautiful and soft. But peanut's family was mauled by a group of bears. And sound by a hiker who brought her back. And peanut was so small, she can't be returned to the wild. She's used to people. She has to stay with people. It's really a labor of love for the seaworld team. They have to take her home every night. And we have another one coming in on your side. She's coming from for the food. Come get peanut. Is this maddie coming up next? Seaworld has partnered with the u.S. Fish and wildlife service. Wow. To care for this animal. She is an iconic ambassador for education and concentration. She was rescued about 5 weeks old when she fell out of her nest and broke her wing. Maddie couldn't be returned to the wild. Smalling out at a young age damaged her wing permanently. Children all over the country, get a chance to see the national symbol because you cannot touch one. You cannot be near them. And they're not always easy to see up close. And they are spectacular. Beautiful animals. And 80% of the population from the southeast lives in florida. Yeah. On the river in alaska, just sweeping down there, watching them hunt and fly. Let's get them. Come over, sam. I have a peanut for you. It wants to play with the otters. This is bucky and sander. These are small otters. The sea waters are much larger than this. Nine of them from oil spills. Oil spills, just because it's one of the things that -- when you want an animal to understand that humans aren't the way they get their food and aren't something they should go to, you want to limit the human interaction with them. They're getting play time like that. This is a play pool for them. These otters are getting play time. The ones on "sea rescue," are 65 pounds. Those are sea otters. You're going to see incredible stories on season three. A lot of manatees. We have turtles and sharks. "Sea rescue" tomorrow morning. Check your local listings on abc.

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{"id":20469934,"title":"SeaWorld's Rescued Animals Visit 'GMA'","duration":"3:29","description":"Sam Champion introduces rescued bald eagles and sea otters to kick off new \"Sea Rescue\" season.","url":"/GMA/video/seaworlds-rescued-animals-visit-gma-20469934","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}