Secret Santa Pays Off $50,000 Worth of Shoppers' Gifts

An anonymous donor paid for over 100 customers' holiday shopping at a Pennsylvania Walmart.
0:53 | 12/16/14

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Transcript for Secret Santa Pays Off $50,000 Worth of Shoppers' Gifts
Tis the season for random acts of kindness Christmas arrived early for some fans in Pennsylvania all we know is that the jolly old elf was wearing a seat. And some of the recipients thought it was a joke when they heard the news for all of them it was a pleasant. Shock Megan Healey of our Harrisburg affiliate has the story. It was certainly a good day to be this story employee mining if he's found our government can't hurt Wal-Mart more like a Christmas elf. Reaching out to customers with some great news from the North Pole I'm just. Condolence you know we had a good samaritan Cummins today and they paid off Illinois. You just gotta come in and pick it up. Okay maybe this wasn't from Sana himself but certainly one of his star helpers he wants remain completely anonymous just wants menacing going to be a man in this suit who walked in did this Wal-Mart on lay awake pickup day. And cut a check to cover what ever outstanding bills. Still needed paint that's as good cellular guard is working we're all of growth in this case 50000. Dollars to take care of about a hundred families. Mimi Rodriguez her husband and their eight kids are one of them coming and community. Very grateful for whoever did it again and move. You know it's nice I feel like a million pounds of stress off my shoulders and he now Britney coin men had come here tonight with a bit of a heavy heart. Skilling she couldn't afford all of the items on her list that we are actually had a total couple things just waiting to pick like an extra by Tata Christmas now her car. And her heart both full of Christmas love and gratitude.

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{"duration":"0:53","description":"An anonymous donor paid for over 100 customers' holiday shopping at a Pennsylvania Walmart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27639684","title":"Secret Santa Pays Off $50,000 Worth of Shoppers' Gifts","url":"/GMA/video/secret-santa-pays-off-50000-worth-shoppers-gifts-27639684"}