5 Secrets to Your Best Beach Body

Chris Powell, host of ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss," shares his tips to tone up this summer.
2:23 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for 5 Secrets to Your Best Beach Body
9:00 can't come soon enough. We want to get to our series, best beach body ever. We've been getting tips from experts for weeks on toning up, slimming down. And today, our guy, Chris Powell, host of ABC's "Extreme weight loss" is here with us to share his secrets. And I know tonight your show, an amazing story about a mom and son? Yeah. An incredible journey they went through the last 365 days the and they're unrecognizable now. I can't wait for America to see them. And cosome of the tips you had them do, they really work. These are simple. Bang us through these three. Tried and true. I'll put my shoe back on. Or you can leave them off and do some work with us. Drink a gallon of water a day. It seems like a lot. But staying hydrated. Cut sugar. A lot of times we think, cut soda and sandy. But at the same time, there's hidden sugars in yogurt and sauces. And granola bars and dried fruits. Savory not just sweet. And sodium. Sodium, that's what pulls the water out of our body. Give us the bloated feeling. If you cut sodium, some of the dressings, sauces. Frozen meals, especially, it vacuum seals your skin to your body. You have the tight look for summer. Speaking of tight looks. Let's get dumping. Dump it. In the meantime, ginger zee is going to get down and show us some of your favorite workouts. Guys, listen up. Ginger, you've been using these. Obviously, they're working. Let's start with the manmaker. We're going to make it a womanmaker. It's the manmaker. Everything in one movement. A big complex here. Going to go down to the ground. Pick up your dumbbells. Shall we begin? Take it down. Take it back. We push-up, we row. We push up again. We row. Go, ginger. Do a squat. And let's do it again. What do you say? Oh, my goodness gracious. I recommend, do five minutes of these a day. Oh. Five minutes? And jumping, squatting. And press. Perfect. Just do five minutes a day. As ginger continues to get

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Chris Powell, host of ABC's \"Extreme Weight Loss,\" shares his tips to tone up this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23971616","title":"5 Secrets to Your Best Beach Body","url":"/GMA/video/secrets-best-beach-body-23971616"}