Separated Identical Twins Find Each Other Through Social Media

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman are releasing a book sharing their international separated-at-birth story.
4:50 | 10/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Separated Identical Twins Find Each Other Through Social Media
And right now to the remarkable story of identical twins raised in different countries thousands of miles apart who found each other thanks to social media. It's told in the new book "Separated at birth." We have seen the story on the big screen -- twins separated at birth reuniting for the first time by accident. We're like twins. Reporter: But the real-life reunion between Samantha and Ana happened on a much smaller screen. You're very wrong. Reporter: Last year Ana saw this youtube video of Samantha, a spitting image of herself. You can't imagine you have a twin sister you don't know about. I got a message from a girl in London. She saw me in a youtube video. And we were both adopted. It was crazy. She looked just like me. Reporter: Both born in Korea, they were adopted by separate fames. Living 5,000 miles apart on different continents. The first face-to-face was on Skype. Oh, my god, you're european. Hi. This is really weird. Reporter: And how about their in-person meeting? It was weird. But I feel like there's a strange calm and comfort as well. And something that I can't really explain. Reporter: To make sure their DNA matched, a test. We got our DNA test results, mom. Going out on a limb here, you're sisters, aren't you? Yeah. Reporter: A lifelong connection made possible by social media. And we are joined now by them. Thank you guys so much for coming in. Loved watching you guys watch this piece. You're poking each other the whole piece. What's going on here? No, you're all smiles now. It's incredible. How much you look alike. But, Samantha, when you first got this message, from anise, you were freaked out. Yeah, it was a weird experience. Seeing a picture. I thought it was a crazy fan. Sorry. A very intent fan. And when I clicked in and saw the message, it was crazy. We were born on the same day. Everything. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn't answer? I have never thought about that. If I didn't answer, I wouldn't have this, I wouldn't be quite as happy. It's okay. I would have been persistent and tried harder. You weren't going give up. I didn't build a new social media. You knew somewhere inside. Somewhere inside I think I knew from the beginning. Yes. I mean, how are the chances that a girl is born the same day in the same country the same year, looks like you. Is as small as you, you know? Hey. Do you have any -- It's okay to be small. Tell me about writing the book. You each wrote a chapter. Went chapter by chapter. As you were Reading each other's chapter, what surprised you? I think a really great thing was when we started our story, we began from the moment I got that message. And we started on. But writing the book, I got to learn about her past and her family and her parents and growing up we had different experiences with adoption. So it was a really great way to learn all of that. What are the weirdest things you share? What are the weirdest similarities? We hate cooked carrots. You both hate cooked carrots. Raw carrots are fine. A little weird. And most similar body part? Hands, probably. Yeah. For sure. Nail Polish color as well. If you go like this, it looks like the same person. You guys look like pretty much the same person. And I also love what you're doing with this, trying to find ways to help other deposit fees tell us about that. After writing the book and doing the documentary with kickstarter, we got a lot of attention from other adoptees on social media, and great to be there for them. We didn't have role models like that growing up. I paired up with my friend and actress from "Glee." We began a foundation called the kindred foundation for adoption. To aid adoptees in whatever way we can. Focusing on family reunions as well. So great to see you toget and so happy. It's separated at birth, thanks for coming in.

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{"id":26538116,"title":"Separated Identical Twins Find Each Other Through Social Media","duration":"4:50","description":"Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman are releasing a book sharing their international separated-at-birth story.","url":"/GMA/video/separated-identical-twins-find-social-media-26538116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}