Serial Package Thief Caught on Camera

Police are searching for a man caught on surveillance camera walking up to someone's front porch and grabbing a package.
2:51 | 12/23/16

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Transcript for Serial Package Thief Caught on Camera
But we begin with a holiday season warning. Package thieves across the country stealing deliveries right off your doorstep. The serial robber caught on camera striking again in Chicago and ABC's gio Benitez is here with more on how to keep your gifts safe. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Michael, good morning. This crime is no joke. One study suggests as many as 11 million American homeowners had their packages stolen. When it happens it can cost you hundreds to replace that package. This morning, those last-minute managers are arriving at your doorstep. If you're not careful some real-life grinches may beat you to them. In Chicago the hunt is on for a serial package thief, could it be this man caught on surveillance camera casually walking up to someone else's front porch appearing to talk on the phone, he bends down to grab a package while he quickly opens it and takes off with what's inside. He didn't care about anything. Just walking around pretending like he's talking on his cell phone. I hope they catch you. Reporter: This case just 1 of 13 other incidents reported to police so far this month and they believe the number is actually much higher. We think it's severely underreported, though. We think a lot of people aren't making reports. Reporter: It's happening everywhere. In Florida a creative move by this package thief disguised as a pizza delivery man. He took the packages apparently, ripped them open, looked what was inside, kept what they wanted and dumped all the trash and all the things they didn't want. Reporter: In this video you see a woman allegedly lifting packages dropped off at a home on Monday when one box doesn't fit in the first car, a second arrives. Five minutes after she leave, a gentleman comes up, parks next door and then he helps himself to our packages. Reporter: But in Maryland a happier ending after police were able to track down four teenage thieves involved in stealing at least 42 packages. Authorities returning recovered goods to their rightful owners. Really none of this would have been possible without somebody seeing what happened and actually calling the police to let us know what occurred. Reporter: So here's what you should do to protect yourself. Schedule deliveries when you're home or if there's better security somewhere else like work send the packages there or even require a signature so that the delivery person doesn't just leave it at your doorstep. That's the key. Or stay on the porch with a loaded rifle and just fend everybody off. That's the Dan Harris style. That's how I roll. When is there a time when packages usually get stolen? You know what, you would think it would happen under the cover of darkness but it actually happens in the middle of the day. 75% of these get stolen right when you're not at home and are at work away from the house in the middle of the day? Seems like people getting more creative walking like you're on the phone, a pizza delivery man but thank goodness a lot more have cameras. Where are the dumb criminals? Thank you. Now to the latest in that

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Police are searching for a man caught on surveillance camera walking up to someone's front porch and grabbing a package.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44364041","title":"Serial Package Thief Caught on Camera ","url":"/GMA/video/serial-package-thief-caught-camera-44364041"}