New series broadcasts a live blind date

The new Lifetime series "Date Night Live" is part of a growing trend that gives viewers an unfiltered look at other people's lives.
2:21 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for New series broadcasts a live blind date
Back on the big board you know amber and I met on a blind date. We did not broadcast it live. But that's something that is happening now. Something happening now. A growing trend, maybe it's the new way of reality TV and, of course, Paula Faris is here to help us figure this out. Sure you didn't want to broadcast that live. I am so sure. By the way, congratulations, 12-year anniversary. It is just you, your date and a few million tag-alongs. This is the new world of reality TV. Uned unedited. Unfiltered and completely unexpected. This is "Date night live." Reporter: Overnight a new kind of dating show. So you're currently in a relationship. I have a girlfriend. We're in an open relationship. I want to be like number one to someone. Reporter: Couples looking for love in realtime on live TV. So I've been on 100 and something dates. Reporter: Lifetime's new "Date night live" uses mobile technology to capture couples meeting for the first time in four different cities. How is it going? I'm Mckenna. I'm Sam. Nice to meet you. Reporter: That first date awkwardness is pretty much the same across the country. You're a baby. Hello, baby. I'm a puma. Rrrr. Reporter: It's a departure from what we're used to seeing but part of a growing trend to show the novelty of life whether a seven-hour train journey through the mountains or a 12-hour knitting competition on Netflix. Viewers want to see other people's lives unfold right in front of them live from the safety of their living room. Like these two buzzfeed employees blowing up a watermelon with rubber bands which garnered nearly 1 million viewers on a Friday night. Yeah, we have nothing better to do. The show's pducers are not giving the dates any sort of directives, no checking in with the host. Anything can happen. One tweet saying, quote, I can't get a date myself, might as well watch other people go on dates. Why is this type of show gaining in popularity. You know, I think people are just really tired of the filtered reality word only doctoring the best version of ourselves making ourselves look more interesting than we are and looking for the beautiful chaos. I'm so confused right now. Are you really? I really am. People just want to know it's totally unedited. But then I watched my watermelon and it just blew my mind. Blew the watermelon too.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The new Lifetime series \"Date Night Live\" is part of a growing trend that gives viewers an unfiltered look at other people's lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48904628","title":"New series broadcasts a live blind date","url":"/GMA/video/series-broadcasts-live-blind-date-48904628"}