Sesame Street Characters Used to Celebrate Gay Marriage Ruling

Beloved 'Bert' and 'Ernie' featured on New Yorker cover following historic Supreme Court ruling.
2:07 | 06/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sesame Street Characters Used to Celebrate Gay Marriage Ruling
Take a look at how this moment in history is being marked by "the new yorker" magazine. The cover of next week's edition. Burt and ernie of "sesame street" fame, apparently a same-sex couple. This has gone viral with supporters and detractors. And abc's gio benitez has the story. Reporter: Next week's "new yorker" cover causing a stir the moment it made it to twitter. Seth meyers tweeting, this "new yorker" cover is great. Another tweeting, gay marriage coming to a street near you. Even "setmy street." Burt and ernie cuddling in front of the tv. The media called it controversial. This magazine cover is going to be one of the most talked-about, buzz-worthy covers of the year. Reporter: "Sesame street" has repeatedly said burt and ernie has no sexual orientation. Teaching children that people can be friends when they're different from each other. A huge spike in twitter activity on friday, reaching 77 tweets per minute. This thing has gone viral and spread to far because there's so many ways to interpret this cover. Reporter: The artist, jack hunter, told "the new yorker," quote, it's amazing to witness how attitudes on gay rights have evolved in my lifetime. This is great for our kids. A moment we can all celebrate. But not everyone is celebrating. "Slate" magazine calle the cover, a terrible way to commemorate a major civil rights victory. One tweeter wrote, really? It's a show for preschoolers. Why does everything have to become political? Hunter's cover art had been posted to the website tumblr last year, as a cover that never made the cut. Instead of the justices, we see president obama during his abc news interview, where he first told our robin roberts that he supports gay marriage. And "sesame street" would not comment on the cover. And we asked "the new yorker" for an interview with the artist and the editor. The magazine declined saying that the cover speaks for itself. And speaking loudly, perhaps.

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{"id":19531255,"title":"Sesame Street Characters Used to Celebrate Gay Marriage Ruling ","duration":"2:07","description":"Beloved 'Bert' and 'Ernie' featured on New Yorker cover following historic Supreme Court ruling.","url":"/GMA/video/sesame-street-characters-celebrate-gay-marriage-ruling-19531255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}