Seth Rogen: 'The Interview' 'Wasn't Meant to Be Controversial'

Seth Rogen and James Franco discuss the attention surrounding their new film.
2:47 | 12/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seth Rogen: 'The Interview' 'Wasn't Meant to Be Controversial'
Extract gets into road near right now. And that's what the whole world is doing right now same law and a. It's. The president to put up. Did you ever imagine you're gonna stir up a storm like this. No I can't definitively say I know good ramifications of the stormy I don't know if the acting honestly because of warmer regions and we're not I know that. It has been the center of a lot of media attention lately it is weird because we want to make a really funny entertaining movie omelet and the movie itself is very silly ends. It wasn't meant to be controversial anyway your smoke. Question about that because it easy it is your right eye I watched him given that we can it is so funny thank you so it's it's hilarious but it's also pretty piercing. Critique of the North Korean regime. I mean the moral we read about North Korea the more fascinated we B team. And it truly is a bizarre place it almost like a relic from another time. I mean it's. Completely closed off we don't honestly even know how much were regret is true it probably will never know because we will never go there. They're they're definitely been reports we've seen all the reports what's happened with Sony and also some concern in Japan Sony headquarters that they want you to change. The movie how much did you have to change. I'm not ultimately like it's a creative dialogue you know I mean as the filmmaker were just trying to entertain the audience is much as possible. The people who prefer movies have a billion other things that they're worried about as well. Bomb ands it honestly I mean with every movie we do bears liked it conversation creatively over what happens but ultimately arm. 100% behind the finished product of the movie. Your 100% behind this finished products Sony has been a 100%. Behind all of you guys behind them despite what has been this massive attack any second thoughts at all. At this point group we can't it's too late to have his 88. That I mean that all of you know I think. Again I like the movie I can't be in my head over connect. Everything surrounding it with the movie it. Cell phone that's one of the points in the movie as well when you know that this is the movie actions it being seen. In North Korea could you imagine what happened. If the anything you could somehow be shown. In that country. He'll be really interesting. Look yeah I mean I wonder what a North Korean citizen would think of the movie I mean in the movie we make we go to great lengths a separate vote. We're gene that rules North Korea with the North Korean people themselves and they are not that they are the victims of horrible situation so. Part of me thinks that they use themselves words that would really enjoy the movie. But notes that maybe you and I wonderful refined.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Seth Rogen and James Franco discuss the attention surrounding their new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27612289","title":"Seth Rogen: 'The Interview' 'Wasn't Meant to Be Controversial'","url":"/GMA/video/seth-rogen-james-franco-interview-2014-interview-actors-27612289"}