Severe Storms Devastate Midwest on Way to Northeast

Residents face flooding and lose power due to recent storm system.
2:10 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Storms Devastate Midwest on Way to Northeast
First, we begin with violent storms overnight that left a path of destruction across the mid west before taking aim at the northeast. Tracking it all, the newest member of the "Gma" weekend team, meteorologist rob Marciano. And rob, you came back for a second day. You didn't scare me off just west. Everybody on the east coast felt the steamy, the atmosphere might ignite. That's what happened. The same storm system that hit Chicago on Friday hit the east. Overnight, the east slammed. Lightning from Maryland to me me. In Lowell, Massachusetts, witnesses report bricks blown off this smokestack. Bea beach Goers sent running. Another strike sending this home up in flames in Pennsylvania. Across new England, roads and yards soaked by several inches of rain, as winds up to 60 miles an hour sent trees crashing through homes and power lines. Look at this truck that was almost completely engulfed by water. When I came out here, it was like a river down Florida street. Reporter: And in the nation's capital, how quickly a mild day turned stormy. Meanwhile, the west feeling some of the moisture from Norbert. Roadways in California washed away by raging floodwaters while winds and rain batter Arizona. The noise chur from Norbert will continue to stream up to the north and the east. Yesterday, we talked about it exploding to category 3 status. It's quickly weakening. It heads into cooler water. The main issue will be the stream of moisture. And the waves. They'll continue to get large swells moving into parts of southern California. Not a whole lot of rain there yesterday. Might get some today. But in through Arizona, new Mexico, up through Utah, the possibility of flash flooding continues for the next several days.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Residents face flooding and lose power due to recent storm system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25325648","title":"Severe Storms Devastate Midwest on Way to Northeast","url":"/GMA/video/severe-storms-devastate-midwest-northeast-25325648"}