Severe storms sweep the country

ABC News' Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across the country, from flash floods and fires in the West to powerful storms hitting the East.
1:58 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Severe storms sweep the country
We are going to move on to new details about that deadly flash flood in Arizona that killed nine family members. This morning one of the survivors is speaking out about his close call this those waters captured on his gopro and ginger brings us the story from Philadelphia. Good morning, ginger. Good morning to you, George. You know, today will mark the fourth day of potentially dangerous flash flooding. An inside look at what it was like in that deadly weekend storm. If I make it out of this alive -- Reporter: This morning new video of the moment those Arizona floodwaters swept away 14 family members. Nine died including six children. Brandon west is counting his blessings this morning. He was enjoying a beautiful day of swimming in the same spot when suddenly the raging mountain of water and ash came rushing toward him hurtling everyone in the swimming hole toward three waterfalls. You make the wrong step you get sucked under. You just pray you're making the right decision. Reporter: Brandon held on to his dog lucky to are dear life. I don't want to seem ungra ungrateful for being alive but I wish they were too. Reporter: Overnight a roof collapse in Atlanta. We got at least 20 people out here in the building when it collapsed. Reporter: Georgia officials saying heavy rain could be responsible for this collapse at a restaurant injuring six people. In California, raging wildfires forcing people to flee their homes. More than 11,000 acres torched in the Detwiler fire. Watch as these flames get dangerously close to interstate 5. And a want to take you to the red flag warnings on the map now calling this a particularly dangerous situation. Humidity levels as low as 6%. The winds will gust to 35%. Some of those fires will explode even further. They are working so hard then finally the flash flood watch, that monsoon moisture pouring in and a quick look at how much rain will fall. You can see two inches per hour or two inches in 30 minutes is what we saw in Arizona yesterday.

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{"id":48695859,"title":"Severe storms sweep the country","duration":"1:58","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across the country, from flash floods and fires in the West to powerful storms hitting the East.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-storms-sweep-country-48695859","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}