Shapewear Makers Targeted in Proposed Class Action Suit

Lawsuit accuses Maidenform and Wacoal of preying "upon women's insecurities about their body images."
2:34 | 06/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shapewear Makers Targeted in Proposed Class Action Suit
In "The heat index," the makers of sof some type of shapewear, are being sued for fraud. The products don't meet the promises of transforming their body. The quest that everyone is on for the perfect shape. It sounds too good to be true. And according to customers in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Florida, it just might be. What if there were an undergarment packed full of such special ingreed yenlts that wearing them could help destroy fat? Even reduce the appearance of cellulite. That's what two shapewear lines have claimed. I thought it would slender down my thighs. Reporter: But this morning, underwe underwearmakers, are named in a class-action lawsuit that says hope on a hanger is too good to be true. In their suit, plaintiffs cited claims that the company said their products contained caffeine capsules to help destroy fat, vitamin E., and other minerals and nutrients to increase skin firmness and smooth out the lumps. In their lawsuit, the women say the federal trade commission called claims like those made by these companies, as credible as a note from the tooth fairy. And they accused the makers of preying on women's insecurities about body image. One of the women who started this undergarment lawsuit says the underwear comes with unrealistic instructions in the fine print. It said I would have to wear it for a certain amount of time every day. Reporter: That was a serious commitment she wasn't expecting. Who is going to wear the same underwear every day for 30 days? So, I found it to be ridiculous. Reporter: Hanes, which owns maidenform, tells ABC news, the intimate apparel is no longer for sale. And is offering refunds in the interest of total customer satisfaction. Wacoal, which sells a version of the undergarment, declined to comment on the lawsuit, but insists, we stand behind our products. Doctors we spoke with said there's no such thing as a quick fix. It sounds great. But it's not going to lead to instant results nor permanent ones. It changes your shape by come pressing, and if you put clothes over it, you can look better. We could not find any shapewear that continues to make those claims. But the a lot of the women claiming say the underwear they thought would be the cure-all, did not continue. Next, secrets to your best body ever.

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{"id":24121870,"title":"Shapewear Makers Targeted in Proposed Class Action Suit","duration":"2:34","description":"Lawsuit accuses Maidenform and Wacoal of preying \"upon women's insecurities about their body images.\"","url":"/GMA/video/shapewear-makers-maidenform-wacoal-class-action-lawsuit-accuses-24121870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}