Sheryl Sandberg on How Women 'Sabotage' Their Careers

Facebook COO and Disney director explains how women can combine work and family.
9:09 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Sheryl Sandberg on How Women 'Sabotage' Their Careers
But first, more now on sheryl sandberg. Her new book is generating a feminist fire storm. Elizabeth vargas was here. It is because of blunt auk about the leadership-ambition gap between women and men. She's a c.O.O. Of facebook. Her book is called "lean in: Women, work, and the will to lead," and we're going talk to her in a moment. First, a look at her journey to the top. She's a female force behind the largest social networking site in the world. Sheryl sandberg, mark zuckerberg's right hand woman at facebook. A ton sul tant for world Breaking down barriers every day in silicon valley. This year, number ten on poshs list of most powerful women. She was the chief of staff at the u.S. Treasury department by the age of 29. Taking a leap of faith on the tech industry in 2001, she joined a then small startup called google and developed it into number one search enin. A few years later, lured to facebook. With her rise to the top, she seen fewer and fewer women rising with her. So she's speaking out. No one gets to the corner office by sitting on the side not the table. Do not lean back, lean in. Reporter: That's the message of hur new book, titled "lean in." A world that was run where half of the countries and companies were run by women would be a better world. Yes, joining us now is the author of "lean in," sheryl sandberg. Thank you for having me. You're a powerful woman. Just a little nervous. It's refreshing. This is "gma." You're robin roberts. What do you mean by lean in? It's about believing in ourselves. Believing we can do anything a boy can do. One of the reasons I wrote the book is about a year ago, I got tape of all the presidents, played it for my kids. My daughter who is 4, lacked up and said, mommy, why are they all boys? Last night, talking about copping on the show with my children, my son is 7, my daughter is 5. My son sarks mommy, are girls allowed to be president? He asked last night? Last night. And so the point is, we're growing up in a world where most of the top jobs are still held by men. We're going to lean in, believe in ourselves, teach our daughters they can do anything our skoons can do. It's gotten a lot of people talking. I want to talk solutions. Jour nons the book about your struggles and getting where you are. How you to go from being a research assistant at the world bank to the c.O.O. Of facebook? Think I did what so many people do, you doubt yourself. When men do something well, they believe it's them. When women do something well, they believe it's because of help from others. Lean in is about helping women know they can reach for opportunities. Throughout my career, all the people I have man ajd, the men, they're always in my office, i want the next job, I want the next opportunity. The women lean back more. When I say, you should apply for this, some of them say things like, I'm learning in my current Men never say that. That's what we need to change. Some of the criticism has been that you're putting the ownership a lot on wome women are saying, um, the way things are set up, it's like the chicken and the egg, what comes first in women being able to break the proverbial glass ceiling. SINCE THE 1980s, WOMEN HAVE BEEN Earning more college degrees than men. Was we're not seeing the translation. Women are at the top. Women have earned more than 60% of the college dries for 30 years. For the last ten years, no movement at the top of corporate america. Why? We're held back by inci institutional barrier, public policy, and things within ourselves. We do the majority of the house work and child care. Our partners are not yet partners. We have to get more men to sit at the nablgs the kitchen for more women to sit at the board rooms. Your husband dave, part of the looking and leaning in is in selecting a spouse, someone who is a true partner. I tell young women, date whoever you want. Date the crazy fwoirks commitment-phobic boys. But when it comes to choosing a partner, choose one that is excited about your career. If you're in a marriage, marriages can get more even. One of the best ways to have more sex with your wife, do the laundry. It's a morning show. But there are studies that show it. Turns out what is sexy as a wife is a husband who is doing his share. My facebook plaujs filled with men telling me, you know, they can't read my book, they're going off to do the laupdry. They're busy. You mentioned about lean in.Org. It's about a conversation. A dialogue. Women and others together to further the discussion. Talk about this. Leanin.Org. We're about to hit 40,000. We're doing things. Forming an online community where people all over the world can talk about the things happening in their lives. Sharing lean in stories. The women of abc, including you, wrote yours this morning. Lean in, education, 20-minute lectures. It's the academy for women on how to negotiate for yourself. Women make 77 cents on the dollar for men. And lean in circles. Letting people form groups of eight to ten women or men that support each other. We're all better the support of a community. The message of the book and creating a community. You admit in the book, not all women, not all people want to be in the board room. A loft them are happy with the current situation and balancing what they have. If you're a woman who wants to be sitting where you are, doing what you're doing, what are the suggestions for her? Don't leave before you leave. I have seen in my career over and over. Women, leaning back years before they have a child. A woman at facebook came to talk to me. She was so young. I said, do you have a child? No. Are you going have one? Maybe. Women worry about it really early. Men are leaning forward, women are worrying about responsibilities they don't have yet. They wake up, they're years behind the man. Leaning in to the board room is not for everyone. That's a choice. But leaning in is for everyone. A stay-at-home mom wanted a better teacher for her child. She marched herself into the principal's job, she got her child a better taemp. It's all relative. Leaning inrever you are. Believing your voice matters. A lot of women coming down here. A town hall. Great questions from all walks of life. I'm excited about it. Doesn't matter who you are and where you are in life. It's all about your mom and dad. Yours are here. The book, "lean in: Women, work, and the will to lead" is in stores today. The town hall meeting, tough questions about what it means to be a woman in the work place. See more of elizabeth's interview tonight on

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{"id":18701109,"title":"Sheryl Sandberg on How Women 'Sabotage' Their Careers","duration":"9:09","description":"Facebook COO and Disney director explains how women can combine work and family.","url":"/GMA/video/sheryl-sandberg-book-lean-facebook-coo-women-sabotage-18701109","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}