Shoppers wait in lines for Black Friday deals

Customers camped out for hours, some in frigid cold, to get their hands on doorbuster deals from stores like Target and Macy's.
2:55 | 11/24/17

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Transcript for Shoppers wait in lines for Black Friday deals
You know, it is the super bowl of shopping for some. Opening day, shopping frenzy has begun but not every store is giving those frantic and crazy crowds like they used to. Take a look at this video. A news crew set up inside a store ready to capture the mad rush. The doors open and it's just one guy. That's it. Just that dude with the red backpack. Could be a sign of the times in this age of online shopping. We should say this happened over in London but they are apparently into Black Friday over there. We'll begin with the black Friday shopping. Some stores opening their doors at midnight and ABC's Alex Perez is in Chicago this morning with where Americans are lining up for the best holiday bargains. Alex, good morning to you. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Paula. Take a look behind me. The doors just opened up. A big crowd of people coming on inside the store right now. This is the big day, retailers and shoppers have been waiting for it all year. It's a frenzy on full display. 475. 189.99. More than half off. Reporter: From TVs to footwear to the season's hottest gadgets. Millions of Americans cut dinners short in exchange for long lines. Want to get a TV. Reporter: Just to find those Black Friday sales. We're not even going to eat. They don't care if they see me. They got their Turkey. Reporter: Camping out for hours to get their hands on the door before T door buster deals. I can do 36 hours out in the cold. I never leave. When they line up, they come equipped. I see people out there with two and three coat, long Johns, hot chocolate so plan for this day and these are experienced shoppers. Reporter: Lines are out the door for clothing, purses, even toys. And then some stores it may feel like freaky Friday with toys "R" us offering deals on electronics and Best Buy dealing out discounts on barbies but in the end it was the holiday hype and was it all it was cracked up to be? It was like 80% off so can't beat that. I looked it up everywhere. You can't get that deal nowhere else. All those people are in line for the electronics. Reporter: Some people aren't so convinced. It's overrated. The experience is way overrated. Reporter: So how do you tell a deal from a dud? One tip to keep in mind, you should always look for about 30% off the original price. Paula. I liked what that one consumer said. He was getting 80% off. For those that didn't brave the wealth and didn't forgo the sleep or Thanksgiving meals are we out of luck to get the best in-store deals? Reporter: Well, here's the good news. The answer is no. Stores these days are stretching their hours, stretching those deals, so Black Friday really is a lot more than just one day now. All right, Alex Perez reporting from Chicago. Alex, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Customers camped out for hours, some in frigid cold, to get their hands on doorbuster deals from stores like Target and Macy's.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51358287","title":"Shoppers wait in lines for Black Friday deals","url":"/GMA/video/shoppers-wait-lines-black-friday-deals-51358287"}