Siblings Swim 14 Hours to Land After Shipwreck

Family vacation turns into an incredible tale of survival.
3:00 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Siblings Swim 14 Hours to Land After Shipwreck
-- we have not one but two incredible survival stories this morning. First the brother sister back on land after making a fourteen hour swim to shore they weren't open water when their fishing boat sank off Saint -- -- And the two are now talking about the vacation that nearly killed them and how they help each other stay alive. Maybe -- -- Nelson -- -- normally vacation to turn into a nightmare. Incredible survival story though here guys good morning everybody it's a survival story though also being called a miracle these. American siblings battling huge waves and fearing sharks for more than half a day. And somehow living. To tell the story. Siblings -- and Kate Snow ski took what they thought was a -- -- paradise in Saint Lucia. But as they embarked on a fishing trip the Caribbean vacation turned into a terrifying ordeal for the two. -- -- -- -- I'm -- 120 odd hours this siblings were out eight miles off the coast when the fishing boat they chartered started to fill with water which put the two in the water as they watch the boat capsized. He was completely -- you know watching that road. Stern down this -- sub surface and -- -- wireless. Syria along with the -- -- the boat's captain and first -- worked since swimming as well but quickly lost sight of them as the swell separated them. He concealing and often -- And started swimming that -- and and then it would consider clearing -- Elaine. As -- slam that. This week about the wind behind us anxieties that his -- her direction. The two siblings now separated from the captain and first mate would begin a grueling fourteen hour swim ashore battling hypothermia. You can see here some of -- -- left behind from the salt water and life jacket. We were very lucky we kind of very small sliver of beach. And -- about. Get to safety that way. The pair spent the ninth eating bananas and mangoes before spotting a farmer the following day we didn't really know what to say naming it must've been festering for him and -- -- Amazing story -- -- brother and sister were treated for dehydration and some other minor injuries they are reportedly. Flying to Miami today to reunite with their father meanwhile the captain and first -- they were also rescued by a private boat after spending 23 hours in the water themselves. It's still unclear exactly what caused that boat to sing -- but amazingly realistic stay focused and get back to -- fourteen -- -- -- -- -- survived exactly -- cannot thank you.

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{"id":19055825,"title":"Siblings Swim 14 Hours to Land After Shipwreck","duration":"3:00","description":"Family vacation turns into an incredible tale of survival.","url":"/GMA/video/siblings-swim-14-hours-land-shipwreck-19055825","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}