3 Simple Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

"The Watermelon Ninja" James Igani shows off his all-star technique to cut a watermelon.
4:11 | 08/26/15

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Transcript for 3 Simple Hacks to Make Your Life Easier
We got to kick it up with a brand-new series called "There's a hack for that." You may have heard that term hack that came out and a lot of kid use it. It's for simple creative solutions to everyday problems. Sara Haines our resident expert because you're a lot younger than all of us. I'm a rest depth expert at something. If you have a good life app there's something I can't get enough. Our own shortcuts to make our lives easier. So we've got three superstars in our first edition starting in number three, holly homer has an incredible blog fulled of fun activities for kids plus she's a mom of three which makes her a resident expert so take a look at her solution to a car catastrophe. This time of year I find myself carpooling kis all over the place which means sticky cupholders. Some of them have melted crayons in them so this technique stops that mess before it starts. A jumbo silicone cupcake liner is the perfect size for a cup holder. When it gets messy throw it into the dishwasher. Clean car, happy mom. I love that solution. Sticky stuff gets this there. Yes. You don't want to know what it once was. Your change is all tuck to the bottom of it. Yeah. Someone is digging it out, it's going to be mom. You know dad is not stepping up. Coming in at number two, Jesse cake jobs from Texas with a revolutionary way to handle a common baking disaster. Nothing drives a person crazy like chasing after a broken egg shell. A simple solution will help you retrieve it with ease. First make sure your finger is clean. Now the egg shell will be attracted to the polar water molecules on your finger and it's as simple as that. Wow, a little science in there, ginger, I'm sure you like that. You're always playing chase the shell game. He plays the shell game in the beginning of the video and goes on forever but can you believe it attracts it like that? Who knew. Except ginger. Number one, a hack so exciting we had to fly him in. Please welcome James igani. Aka the watermelon ninja for -- he's got a cool slicing technique you'll show us. Well, thank you for the invite but I came up with -- with this technique because I eat a lot of watermelon about one or two a day and I just wanted to find a quick way to cut it so what I do, I cut the watermelon in half then I make two or three slices depending on the height of the half on the side. Go halfway in like this and this way and then I go all the way -- separate the rind from the flesh -- From the good stuff. Yeah. And then right here then you can go ahead and slice it. Do slys maybe half an inch apart. Going lengthways. All the way down, right? All the way down, yeah. And then we'll do -- Sideways. You guys see what's happening here. This is pretty cool. Thank you, fonzi for that. Okay. Oops, sorry. I'm trying to go quick because I know -- no one ever lets me handle a knife. Thank you. Okay. Put the knife down and you want to help me dump it in the bowl. Ready. This way. This way it'll just -- That's really great. That's awesome. Watermelon anyone. That's so great. Whoa, great. There you have it, everybody. The watermelon ninja. Thank you so much for copping all the way here.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"\"The Watermelon Ninja\" James Igani shows off his all-star technique to cut a watermelon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33328963","title":"3 Simple Hacks to Make Your Life Easier","url":"/GMA/video/simple-hacks-make-life-easier-33328963"}